Pope prays at site of devastating earthquake


Pope Francis visited Amatrice, in central Italy, on Tuesday morning

Pope Francis has made a surprise visit to the site of the devastating August earthquake in central Italy, praying silently alone amid the rubble in the hardest-hit part of the devastated town of Amatrice.
The Vatican announced the Pope’s visit to the earthquake zone in central Italy shortly after his arrival Tuesday morning, in keeping with Francis’s previously stated wishes to keep the visit private.
“I didn’t come earlier so as not to cause problems, given your condition,” the Pope told survivors, according to Vatican Radio. “I didn’t want to be a bother.”
Photographs released by the Vatican showed the Pope praying amid the rubble with Amatrice’s medieval bell tower, still standing in what has become a symbol of hope, visible in the background.

Pope Francis shakes hands with a firefighters in front of the destroyed St Augustine Church (L’Osservatore Romano/ AP)
Pope Francis shakes hands with a firefighters in front of the destroyed St Augustine Church (L’Osservatore Romano/ AP)

The Pope started his tour at the makeshift school set up in containers, meeting with more than 100 elementary and middle school students, some of whom gave him drawings. He also met with a man who lost his wife and children in the earthquake, the Vatican said.
Francis had made clear his intentions to visit the earthquake-stricken zone but without announcing a date. He indicated that he wanted to go alone “to be close to the people.”
From Amatrice, the Pope was expected to visit the hard-hit towns of Accumoli and Arquata del Tronto.
The August 24 earthquake killed nearly 300 people and left another 4,000 people homeless.


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