Pope visits Ukrainian children in hospital receiving treatment

A war is always – always! – the defeat of humanity, always.

Pope Francis travels to the Vatican’s Bambino Gesù Pediatric Hospital to visit a group of Ukrainian children receiving treatment after fleeing the war in their home country, the Vatican press office announced.

As the Russian invasion of Ukraine disrupts routine medical care in much of the country, the Bambino Gesù hospital has stepped into the breach to assist children in need of treatment.

Since the start of the war, around 50 children have arrived from Ukraine to the Pope’s hospital. 19 of them are hospitalized in order to receive quality care.

Pope Francis visited the group of Ukrainian children, along with all other patients in the Vatican’s pediatric hospital, on Saturday afternoon, according to the Holy See Press Office.

The children are receiving treatment for various pathologies, including in the oncology and neurology departments.

The Pope stopped in the rooms, and visited all the little ones present, before returning to the Vatican.

Pope Francis waves to young patients. © Vatican Media

On Friday, March 18, when he was addressing a group of educators, the Pope mentioned the children at Bambino Gesù

The Gospel only asks us not to look the other way, which is precisely the most pagan attitude of Christians: the Christian, when he gets used to looking the other way, slowly becomes a pagan disguised as a Christian. … The war is not far away: it is at our doorstep. What am I doing [about it]? Here in Rome, at the Bambino Gesù Hospital, there are children wounded by the bombings. At homes, they take them home. Do I pray? Do I fast? Do I do penance? Or do I live carefree, as we normally live through distant wars? A war is always – always! – the defeat of humanity, always.

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