Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI launches Catholic media project

Foundation hopes to raise $500,000 to help Catholic voice be heard in society.

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI has launched a foundation for Catholic media work in his native Germany.

The pope emeritus has launched The Tagespost Foundation for Catholic Journalism, which will invest in the training of Catholic journalists and in measures designed to help make the Catholic voice heard better in society. Oliver Maksan, editor-in-chief and managing director of the Tagespost, a weekly Catholic German-language newspaper, announced that the foundation is promoting and expanding Catholic media work through short-term project financing and strategic investments.

According to the Tagespost, this is the first time there has been an independent institution in the German-speaking world that specifically invests in the training of young Catholic journalists and finances projects related to bioethical research.

“I hope that the Catholic voice will be heard,” said Benedict XVI.

For the coming year, the foundation wants to raise and make available around 450,000 euros for media and educational projects. The funds would enable volunteers to have state-of-the-art international training.

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