Practical tips on finding a Catholic Church while on vacation

For those who have difficulty knowing where to attend Mass when they are away from home

God said to Moses, “Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy” (Exodus 20:8). This was a basic law that governed the People of Israel, whether they were at home in Jerusalem, or wandering in the desert.

The Catholic Church has kept this law of God ever since the day of Pentecost and explains to the Christian faithful, “On Sundays and other holy days of obligation the faithful are bound to participate in the Mass.”

What this means is that provided there is no extraordinary circumstance, Catholics are bound to attend Mass wherever they are located in the world. If a Catholic goes on vacation, it is his/her obligation to find the nearest Catholic church to attend on Sunday.

This isn’t always easy to do, though technology and the internet have greatly helped in this regard.

One of the most reliable places online to find a Catholic church is You are able to enter in any address in the world and find the nearest church. Included in the results is the ability to search by a specific Mass time if you have a limited window when you can attend Mass. They also have an app for mobile devices that is extremely helpful.

However, on occasion, it may be necessary to do some added research to ensure that the information provided is accurate. Mass times can change due to various circumstances, and so that is why it is important to either contact the parish directly or look up their bulletin or website. The website Parishes Online is a helpful resource in this context, as many parishes in the United States use the company for their bulletin needs.

Alternatively, it may be more beneficial to simply search for the church’s website online via Google. Not all churches have a website, but many of them do, however primitive they may be. This also may be outdated, so it is again important to verify the information by contacting the parish or looking at the most recent bulletin.

Depending on your destination, it may be easy or difficult to find a Catholic church. The key is to not give up and to make every effort to find a Mass time that is near your location. God has asked us to make Sunday Mass a priority in our lives, and by going through all of these added steps, we are showing him that Mass is important to us and we are willing to do whatever it takes to honor him.

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