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Pray for unity, love, and peace with this novena to the Sacred Heart

May the Heart of Jesus inflame our hearts with his love.


Jesus desires that we may all be one, united in love in his Sacred Heart. If we desire peace in the world, we must first find it in his Heart.Here is a brief novena (prayed over nine consecutive days) to the Sacred Heart from the book With God: A Book of Prayers and Reflections, asking Jesus to grant us peace, love and unity.


O most loving Jesus, we pray, by the sweetness of your divine Heart, convert the sinner, console the afflicted, help the dying, lighten the pains of the souls in purgatory. Make all our hearts one in the bonds of true peace and charity, deliver us, from sudden and unforeseen death, and grant us a death holy and peaceful. Amen.


V. Heart of Jesus, burning with love of us.
R. Inflame our hearts with love of you.


Grant, we beseech you, almighty God, that we who glory in the most sacred Heart of your well-beloved Son, and call to mind the chief benefits of his heavenly charity toward us, may be gladdened by the operation and the fruit of those graces in our souls.


O divine Heart of my Jesus! I adore you with all the powers of my soul; I consecrate them to you forever, together with all my thoughts, my words, my works, and my whole self. I purpose to offer to you, as far as I am able, acts of adoration, love, and glory, like unto those which you offer to your eternal Father. I beseech you, be the reparation for my transgressions, the protector of my life, my refuge and asylum in the hour of my death. By your sighs, and by that sea of bitterness in which you were immersed for me throughout the whole course of your mortal life, grant me true contrition for my sins, contempt of earthly things, an ardent longing for the glory of heaven, trust in your infinite merits, and final perseverance in your grace.

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