Staying close to Jesus’ Heart during Lent is a way to deepen our love of him and others.


Lent is a time of “retreat,” where we draw back from the world and seek to spend more time with God.

One of the best ways to do this is to retreat into the Heart of Christ.

St. Claude La Colombière, a Jesuit priest and the confessor of St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, composed a prayer on this theme in his book The Sufferings of Our Lord Jesus Christ.


He wrote, “The Heart of Jesus must be our school if we would learn this lesson; let us make our abode in it during this Lent; let us study its movements, and try to conform our own hearts to it.

Then he provide a prayer for this intention, promising to abide in Jesus’ Heart during Lent.


Yes, O Divine Jesus! I will dwell in your Heart, and there pour out all my bitterness; it will soon be consumed. I have no fear that impatience should come to assail me in that retreat. There I will study to practice silence, resignation to your Will, an invincible constancy. I will thank you daily for my crosses, and ask pardon for those who persecute me. I will strive to acquire patience; I am aware it is not the work of a day, but it is enough for me to know that it can be attained to by dint of labor. I ask your prayers, O sweet Jesus! 


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