Lent is the perfect time to practice silence, especially in our daily conversations on social media.


During Lent, we look to Jesus’ Passion and death for inspiration on how to live our own lives.


One thing we may not always remember is how he was silent in the face of persecution.


While it is certainly just to try and argue with people about various things, sometimes it is more fruitful to be silent. This can especially be the case on social media, where we are tempted to respond to people with snarky comments or harsh rebukes.


Prayerfully consider how you are to approach Lent, and seek ways to be intentionally silent, thinking before you speak.


Here is a reflection and prayer that can help, composed by St. Claude de la Colombiere.


A thousand witnesses appear and cry out against Jesus; they accuse Him without proof, without reason, without even an appearance of reason; in their testimony they contradict each other. But Jesus kept silence …“I answer not.” O adorable silence, how eloquent you are and what admirable lessons you give me! You were silent, O Lord, in the midst of such great perils, with so excellent an opportunity for speaking on so important an occasion. What pretext remains to me henceforth for murmuring and complaining?I will come to you to seek for strength and encouragement to keep silence, and to suffer as you suffered.



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