Prelates decry the growing reinforcement of abortion as means to limiting Zika Virus

The Latin American Prelates laments and condemns the supports and boostings given lately for abortion, as a means to controlling the spread of the Zika Virus.

Due to the fact that the Virus is discovered to be connected with infecting infants especially those in the womb, the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared a state of emergency. Many public-health officials have advised women in the region to avoid pregnancy, and recommended abortion for those whose unborn children are affected.

The Brazilian bishops’ conference in a meet, concludes that some groups, pushing for legal approval of abortion, show “a total lack of respect for the gift of life.” The bishops encouraged Brazilians to work to wipe out the mosquito that carries the Zika virus, rather than the children afflicted with microcephaly—a disease that has been linked to the virus. The bishops also noted that although the connection between Zika and microcephaly “deserves special attention,” to date “it has not been scientifically proven.”

In Honduras, Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga said that it is wrong ever to speak of “therapeutic abortion” as a solution to a medical problem. “Therapeutic abortion doesn’t exist,” he said. “Therapeutic means curing, and abortion cures nothing.”




  1. Patrick Gannon Reply

    I wonder what the options are if the Zika virus turns out to be the horror it could be?
    1. Zika fetus aborted, body/soul goes to Hell since it wasn’t baptized.
    2. Zika fetus aborted, soul goes to Heaven, because what kind of good God would send an innocent to eternal torment?
    3.Zika baby is born, suffers (?) and fails to achieve intellect necessary to comprehend “faith,” or accept Jesus or any other Catholic sacrament. Family suffers, society suffers, health care costs skyrocket, babies are dumped in facilities, and they all eventually die and go to Hell because they were mentally incapable of accepting Catholic dogma.
    4. All of #3 above, except that being innocent, the Zika patient goes to heaven when he/she/it dies.
    So we have two scenarios in which the Zika infected patient goes right to heaven, and two in which the soul goes straight to Hell. If Bible God really sends innocents to eternal torment in hellfire – a place of bodily pain according to my understanding of Church Catechism, then we have an immoral god and all bets are off. There’s no telling what such a god would do, and we’re foolish to think otherwise.
    Alternatively we have two scenarios in which the soul goes to heaven. In scenario one, it goes there immediately, from starting line to winner’s circle with no suffering for itself, or society, and limited suffering for the parents. In all four scenarios, the parents suffer emotionally, but scenario one (1) is far and away the best for all concerned. If Bible God is sending aborted fetuses to eternal torment, I would prefer to burn with the innocents in shared moral superiority, than worship such a being. It makes me queasy to know I have friends who would worship a being who would send innocents to eternal torment.
    I forgot option (5), and that’s the one where the next generation of Catholics all look like the shrunken headed guy on that movie Beetlejuice!

  2. Tony Reply

    The ‘progressive’ leftist ABC media channel in Australia was also pushing the abortion angle in relation to this virus. Im sure if i went onto the Guardian online news page or any of the other mainstream ‘progressive’ news sites they’d also be promoting abortion as a way of controlling this ‘outbreak’ as a means to promote their sinister abortion agenda.

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