President Obama: "The Rosary makes me think about peace, promoting understanding and ethical behavior"

US President Barack Obama has disclosed that he treasures and still carries around in his pocket, a Rosary given to him by Pope Francis last year.
The Rosary was presented to him during Pope Francis’ visit to the U.S. in September.
“That obviously means a lot to me because I so admire him. It makes me think about peace and promoting understanding and ethical behavior,” he said.
American YouTube star, Ingrid Nilsen had asked the president to bring something of importance to him from his home.
During an interview with YouTube star Ingrid Nilsen, president Obama disclosed that he carried a number of religious items in his pocket.
The president recounted that he had always received a variety of gift items since he started running for president. He said he had gotten the items from people he had come in contact with over the years. While he has too many things to carry all at once, he says he often picks out a couple of things every now and then to carry around to “remind me of all the people I’ve met along the way and the stories they’ve told me.”
Among the items given to him was a small buddhist figurine from a buddhist monk and a hindu figurine.

Raphael Benedict

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  1. what a snake. This guy will look like he has Jesus in his pocket and all religious sewn up. In truth, a tyrant who will take control of America. Remember the days america when the state served the family? Now he defines it, he defines marriage, he dispenses rights, he dispenses rules of privilege, the rules of citizenship, the rules of electors, the rights of property, wages— do not trust him America, like a bear when socialism gets hold, you get crushed

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