Priest suspended for using a Hoverboard

A Philippine Catholic priest has been suspended for using a hoverboard in the Mass, on 26th December (Christmas Vigil). He rode on it while leading a famous Christmas song before the final blessings.
In a statement the diocese said that his action, “a way of greeting his parishioners”, was “wrong”. “The Eucharist demands utmost respect and reverence. It is the Memorial of the Lord’s Sacrifice. It is the source and summit of Christian life. It is the Church’s highest form of worship. The Diocese further cleared that the Mass Celebration is purely Holy and of God not meant for any personal show-off.

“The priest said that it was a wake-up call for him; he acknowledged that his action was not right and promised that it will not happen again.
“He will be out of the parish and will spend some time to reflect on this past event.
“He would like to apologise for what happened.”
While some comments on social media have been critical of the priest’s behaviour, others have seen nothing wrong with it.

Raphael Benedict

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  1. JMJ There are instructions on how to say Holy Mass. Jesus’ Mass. Not the Priests or a Pastoral Staff Members Holy Mass. Use the Microphone. If a Pilot does not follow instructions on how to fly the jet, it will crash. That being said, I am hearing impaired and have tried very hard to understand our Sermons/Homilies. So I either print out Dr. Scott Hahns teaching or I use the St. Paul Center app on my IPhone during the Homily. Wish more Churches used the wire in the floor so the hearing impaired could sit there and flip the coil switch on our hearing aides.

  2. i do not see no wrong with that. the church must move forward with time. so will it be wrong to read the bible verses from a ipad as well or from your phone. the church that the priest was serving is big. what if he was tired of walking?

    1. RE: Mario. Its very wrong. Catholic mass is not like Protestant worship. With all due respect to protestant worship, Jesus never instructed his apostles to make concerts, etc. He commanded them to “break the bread” Acts 2:42. The Catholic mass is not about the priest. It is about God, It is where Catholics receives Body of Christ. It is not all about the homily. It is not all about preaching. A priest who put himself into the center instead of putting attention to Christ should be suspended like what happened here on this article.

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