Put yourself in the presence of Jesus during the Rosary

The Rosary can be a beautiful prayer where you are led into the presence of Jesus and a deeper relationship with him.


Often when we think of the Rosary, we imagine a prayer directed toward the Virgin Mary. While that is partially true, it is in fact a prayer to Jesus, through Mary. The end goal is always to be brought into relationship with Jesus, even though much of the emphasis is on his mother, Mary.As many saints have said over the centuries, the closer we are to Mary, the closer she takes us to her Son, Jesus.


One meditation exercise that can help bring that truth closer to home is to recall the presence of Jesus while you pray the Rosary.


Fr. John Procter writes in his early 20th-century book, The Rosary Guide for priests and people, how we can view the Rosary in this way.


When we say our Rosary in the spirit of faith we are in the presence of Jesus Christ, not touching the hem of His garment, not basking in the shadow of his Apostle, but speaking to him, thinking of him, listening to him, learning from him, loving him, and being loved by him in return. How can we commune with Our Lord, and with his Divine Mother, and not come from the audience, as Moses came from the mountain, reflecting the light of Heaven, if not upon our face, still upon our inmost soul? How think of him and speak to him, as we do in saying our beads, without becoming better and holier from the spiritual contact?


The above passage is not what we typically imagine when we pray the Rosary, yet, it has much truth behind it.


For example, when praying the Rosary, it is customary to reflect on various “mysteries” from the life of Jesus Christ. These episodes are taken directly from the Gospels and immerse us into the highs and lows of Jesus’ ministry on earth.


This is why so many Christians use the Rosary to deepen their love of the Jesus Christ, reflecting on the many events of his life.


The next time you pray the Rosary, try to dwell more upon the presence of Jesus, who is right there in the room with you, along with his Mother. They will both comfort you with their presence and grant you peace when you pray in a spirit of love.

Raphael Benedict

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