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Read: Everybody has a role to restore joy and peace to War Victims explains Pope Francis

Pope Francis addressed the Synod of the Chaldean Church today, and made it clear to them that how journeying together as christian and sheep under one shepherd are to always reach out for one another, especially when they are in need of it. He made it clear that the proclamation of “Together we journey in our Faith” is ease said than done in our today’s christian communities.
“Empty and humble yourselves, the only authority is the authority of service, the only power is the power of the Cross. keep always before you the image of the Good Shepherd who is concerned for the salvation of his sheep … May you imitate him: zealous in seeking the salus animarum of priests as well as laity, realising full well that the exercise of communion sometimes demands a genuine kenosis, a self-abasement and self-spoliation.” the Holy Father said.
He made huge emphasis with bitterness explaining that Chaldean Church whose background experience of the lineage of Christ, the Church and her martyrs are the basis of their faith and livelihood have been raised on their heels off their fatherland by wickedness and hatred of terrorist.
The Holy Father on this course call on the entire international communities to sow a seed of support and Peace for the war-torn countries. He urged respond to this call as we all as sheep of the Father ought to care and cater for one another.

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