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Reports of a “Vatican City Bombing” flooded social media yesterday. They plastered images of billowing clouds of black smoke coming from Rome.
According to Steve Skojec with One Peter Five, these reports are nothing more than sensationalists trying to stir up drama.
“Fortunately, I have friends and colleagues in Rome, and I can report to you with confidence that the fire was not at the Vatican.”

Skojec explained a colleague of his sent him a photo in the direction of St. Peter’s Basilica, and there was not a trace of smoke at that time.

“There was billowing black smoke earlier, but it was thinning already an hour ago when I got on the train,” explained a separate Rome contact of Skojec’s, noting he was at the Vatican and nothing unusual was happening.
Initial reports suggested the blaze happened within the Vatican walls with eyewitnesses reporting “Vatican on fire” and saying they heard a “loud boom”.
But local media outlets say the large fire happened at a “car scrapyard” near the religious site in Italy’s capital.
The smoke was said to be coming from the Battistini district of Rome, which borders the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church.
The fire began at a junk yard in Rome several miles away from the Vatican and the pope.
As news of horrifying terrorist attacks come in nearly every single day worrying about the safety of our Pope is understandable. We must remain alerted and pray.

By Abigail James

Raphael Benedict

Raphael Benedict

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