Reconciliation between Catholics and Anglicans: The Remains of Thomas Becket to return to Canterbury

Fragments of bones remaining from Thomas Becket’s body is said to be returned to England from Hungary after being held at the Basilica of Esztergom (Hungary’s most important Catholic church) for 800-years.
This return is aimed at affirming more, the reconciliation steps between the Catholic church and the Anglican church.
Thomas Becket’s bone fragments are to be returned in one-week long pilgrimage that will begin from Hungary to London and Canterbury involving the Hungarian President János Áder, and top-level clerics from the two churches.

It will be reunited temporarily with a handful of other relics revered for their associations with the murdered archbishop as it travels from his birthplace on Cheapside in the City of London to the site of his murder in Canterbury Cathedral.

Raphael Benedict

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