Relic containing St. Pope John Paul II’s Blood stolen from Cologne Cathedral

A cloth that contains drops of Saint Pope John Paul II’s blood that was preserved in a Cathedral at Cologne has gone missing.

The disappearance of the relic on Sunday 5th of July 2016, was noticed by a visitor who quickly alerted a Church Usher. The German Police are deeply investigating the theft.

The German Police expressed how Gerd Bachner, the Cathedral’s Provost laments over the stolen relic as  a huge spiritual loss.

Police said the cloth was in a glass container that had been pried from a base of a sculpture commemorating the pope’s visit to Cologne in 1980.

Gerd Bachner urged the thief to return the relic.




  1. Sylvia Crockett Reply

    When I was reading this article and notice the date is wrong. They put July 5 2016 as should be June 5 2016. Hope they will find the person who took it.

  2. Sylver Nyarsuk Reply

    where are people leading to?

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