Relic of St John Paul II from when he was shot plus miraculous testimonies

Relic of St John Paul II from when he was shot plus miraculous testimonies. The sisters of the Daughters of Charity of Saint Vincent de Paul keep this relic in Rome. The T-shirt has bloodstains from the assassination attempt on 13th May 1981. The sisters are known for their charity works. Many people who are in need come to this institution for help. However, the house has now become a pilgrimage center since preserving St John Paul II’s shirt there.

Here’s the photo of the t-shirt below:

Saint John Paul II T-shirt / The Durango Herald.

Here is the story from Rome Reports

“You can still see the pope’s blood stains on the relic and you can make out three distinct holes,” Sister Maria Rosario of the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul told Rome Reports.

“They are holes caused by bullets. Not because there were three bullets, but since the shirt was folded over itself, because of how he was standing.”

Sister Maria also told the story of how the relic came to them from nurse Anna Stanghelilini, who kept the shirt in her closet for several years.

“In the operating room, they cut his shirt into two pieces and threw it on the floor because they had to operate on the Pope,” Sister Maria explained. “When they finished, she realized that the shirt was still there and would probably end up in the garbage. So she decided to pick it up.”

Stanghellini felt close to the Daughters of Charity so she decided to give the shirt to the community. The relic’s display has attracted many visitors for veneration and still does. The sisters say many people share so many stories of the Saintly Pope’s miraculous intercessions.

Miracle after venerating the relic

“A woman told me that she wanted to have a child, but she couldn’t have one. And she came here to pray almost every day. Finally, she became pregnant, but the doctors told her that she and her child were in great danger.

“She and her husband asked St. John Paul II for a miracle. In the end the child was born and is in good health. So is she. They named him John Paul.”

Saint John Paul II, pray for us!

Relic of St John Paul II from when he was shot plus miraculous testimonies. Leave us a comment.

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