Rev. Sister Cecilia Maria who died with a Smiling face

Pictures of a young Argentinian nun – smiling and serene though dying from a devastating battle with cancer – have erupted on social media, with thousands sharing the images and heartfelt prayers.

Sister Cecilia Maria (General Curia of the Discalced Carmelites).Sister Cecilia Maria (General Curia of the Discalced Carmelites).

Sister Cecilia Maria lived in Saints Teresa and Joseph Monastery in Santa Fe, Argentina, dedicated to prayer and the contemplative life.

She passed away early on June 22 at age 43.

After graduating as a nurse at 26 years of age, Sister Cecilia Maria made her first vows as a discalced Carmelite. In 2003, she made her final profession. Six months ago, she was diagnosed with cancer of the tongue and the disease metastasized into her lungs.

In her time living at the monastery, she played the violin and was known for her sweetness and constant smile. In the final weeks of her illness, her condition worsened and she had to be hospitalized. From her bed she never stopped praying and offering up her sufferings with the certainty that her encounter with God was near.

Sister Cecilia Maria in her final days.Sister Cecilia Maria in her final days (Curia Generalizia Carmelitani Scalzi).

She wrote her last wish on a piece of paper: “I was thinking about how I would like my funeral to be. First, some intense prayer and then a great celebration for everyone. Don’t forget to pray but don’t forget to celebrate either!”

The discalced Carmelites announced her death as follows: “Jesus! Just two lines to let you know that our dearly beloved sister gently fell asleep in the Lord, after such a painful illness, always borne with joy and her surrender to her Divine Spouse.

“We send you all our love, grateful for your support and prayer during this entire time, so painful yet so wonderful at the same time. We believe she flew directly to heaven, but we also ask you to not cease commending her to your prayers, so from heaven she may repay you. A big hug from her Sisters in Santa Fe.”




  1. Sylver Nyarsuk Reply

    May her soul rest in peace (RIP)

    1. Amelia Reply

      May her soul Rest In Peace

  2. Zorsha Reply

    Just a beautiful pure spirit filled with God’s love and light. I can tell she was looking forward to seeing Jesus as the first sight of her Salvation. Many blessing’s and mercy upon her spirit

  3. Claudine Reply

    Eternal rest be granted unto her. May she find eternal rest in the Lord

  4. OKEY NWANNA Reply

    For sure she is going to make heaven and mat her soul rest in peace. Amen.

  5. Arubi Joseph Reply

    R I P and pray for me went you see Jesus Amen

  6. hezron g mwangi Reply

    God’s abundant blessings be upon her soul. Never an ending smile of gratitude to our Lord Jesus Christ. May her soul rest in peace. Amen

    1. G njuru Reply

      May Gods light sHine upon her soul and her intercessions never end.
      May God give her family courage.

  7. Aidan Reply

    Am sure she saw angles and Mary mother of Jesus welcoming her thus the smile.Lovely.Till we meet,God be with you.

  8. Mourein Reply

    May her a Gud soul rest in peace. Amen

  9. obinna paschal Reply

    I fill like crying but she said I should not before she died..may ur soul rest in peace with the lord.Amen

  10. Nikko Aldion Reply

    May the Loving Hands of our God, comfort here..Rest in Peace sister..

    Our Prayers..

  11. ruth Reply

    God bless her soul, she was indeed looking forward to seeing Jesus, i commit my every moment and especially my last in your hand Jesus and Mary

  12. chibuta Reply

    May she rest in Eternal peace…..

  13. Carole Reply

    May she Rest In Peace

    1. Petronila Reply

      May she find favour in d sight of our Lord Jesus Christ and her sweet Mother mary

  14. Queenie Miraveles Reply

    She’s really happy in hand of almighty God and Jesus


    May she rest in peace,I would be smiling too,when I finally made it to heaven to be with JESUS CHRIST!

    1. segismundo exaltacion Reply

      may rev.sister cecilia through the mercy and love of GOD rest in peace and enjoy the everlasting happiness in heaven together with our blessed mother and all the saints and the HOLY TRINITY…

  16. ONEGGIU Reply

    May God our father grant Sister Cecilia her true wish to see Jesus. May the everlasting glory of God be praised through her faith in Jesus. Amen

  17. KARLA GIERER Reply

    She truly was in God’s hands and out of pain. Even so happy obviously at the end. I can just imagine why she was smiling. I believe it was because Our Dear Lord and all her family souls were greeting her as she entered Heaven. I only hope and pray I can smile like her at the time of my death. We all need to follow her words to pray! pray! pray! Amen

  18. Ogochukwu Reply

    Remember me when you are with Jesus, sleep well in heaven till we meet and fellowship with the angel.

  19. Susan Reply

    She looks so peaceful,the good job is completed continue to rest in the bosom of your creator.

  20. Amalia Babaran Reply


  21. Catherine Reply

    May your soul sister Maria Cecilia rest in peace in heaven with our Lord Jesus Christ…. Amen

  22. joan Reply

    How great is thy love for Jesus…it really shows in her smile even after death…May she rest eternally with Jesus and Mary in heaven.

  23. W H Chong Reply

    What a waste of such beautiful creature becoming a nun and depriving procreation whereby her genes on beauty could have created more beauties like her.

    1. chibuzor Reply

      if you don’t know what to comment just walk and pass

    2. star Reply

      she is beautiful but she loved God so she didn’t giver herself to man, but God.

  24. Edwin Reply

    God bless her soul Amen

  25. Ida Reply

    I am certain she saw our dear Mother Mary and the angels welcoming her soul to heaven. What Glory ! Mary Cecilia, pray for us.

  26. Raul ortega Reply

    God put a smile on her face how exciting to go meet God

  27. Corleto soriano Reply

    God bless…lovely smile until after death

  28. Collins Reply

    May the eternal light shine upon ur face…pray for us sister Cecilia..

  29. Robert kaupinis Reply

    A smile that could only come from looking into the eyes of Jesus, Rest In Peace Sister Cecile Maria.

  30. igbokwe nneka Reply

    May her soul rest in peace, may our Lady of perpetual help intercede for her

  31. Ma. Therrs Reply

    May your soul rest in peace as you join the choirs of angels in paradise. Pray for us/ Pray for me. Amen.

  32. Maria Francesca Reply


  33. Raph Reply

    Amazing, how wonderful it is to live a pure life on earth, she smiles to heaven.

  34. Tommy Reply

    God bless rest in peace with the Angels.

  35. Immanuel Reply

    Lord we thank you for embracing your love & giving hope in your eternal glory 🙏🏼 pray for us Sr. Cecilia

  36. Ce Reply

    My Sister Cecelia Maria how happy I feel for you going home now you’re so free of all this bad cancer that a lot of people are suffering from, please pray for the patient victim you leave behind May our heavenly father will also have mercy on them. You are so beautiful I know Jesus loves you a lot and the whole court of Heaven welcome you with open arms ! I praise the day when I get to go home . Rest in the arms of Jesus amen

  37. Mark O. Oboh Reply

    Sleep on beloved Sister…………..

  38. Jerin Reply

    Sister please pray for me too when you reach heaven

    1. mezie bright Reply

      May her soul rest in the blossom of God….RIP

  39. nancy Reply

    May her sould R.I.P , her smiles speaks even when her spirit has left to meet Jesus Christ!

  40. judy souris Reply

    Gone to meet her maker. May you rest in eternal peace in the love of our Lord Jesus, our mother the Virgin Mary. God Bless.x

  41. MOI GEORGE Reply

    may her soul rest in Eternal Peace

  42. Petronila Reply

    May she find favvor in d sight of our Jesus Christ and her Mother Mary. Amen

  43. Mattabah Reply

    It is not how long one lived on earth that matters but knowing where you are going to be afterwards as a result of doing the Master’s will.
    What a peace dying even with such an imaginable excruciating pain.
    Lord, eternal rest grant unto her and let thy perpetual light shine upon them. And may the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace, Amen.

  44. Rosemary Goodman Reply

    So Serene and Immaculate.. Rev Sister Cecilia May your Soul Rest In Perfect Peace and Please Pray for us in Your Heavenly abode… 🙏🙏🙏

  45. riza Reply

    May she rest in peace… Sister Cecelia pls pray for me to you..

  46. Maria aleladia Reply

    May her gentle soul rest in perfect peace, amen!

  47. ABIN JOSE Reply

    God bless…lovely smile until after death

  48. E-man Reply

    I thank God for her life well spent….may her soul rest in peace….amen….more grace

  49. Dr. David Reply

    what a wonderful story, may her soul rest in the Lord. very reassuring to me as a person. to God be all the glory

  50. Ronjon Stephen Desai Reply

    I believe she has just reached into heaven. I am praying for my sins and awaiting blessings from her in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

  51. Tessy Reply

    RIP sister pray for me for life partner and the soul of my mummy Ocha Regina rest in peace. Sleep on sister.

  52. Tessy Reply

    RIP sister pray for me for life partner and the soul of my mummy Ocha Regina rest in peace

  53. jayanthi Reply

    sister pray for my beloved son and keep his soul in peace with my lord jesus christ amen


    A maizing, ! GOD is already with her.pliz tell Mary protecting me untill i when i also come.

  55. Edelqueen Reply

    May her Soul Rest in Perfect peace
    Please keep a good place for me in heaven ….

  56. norvin sescon vasquez Reply

    As what I’ve heard about sister Cecelia since I’m enter in a choir at saint Joseph cathedral as a guitarist… Sister Cecelia is a musician and she loved praising in peace and almighty be with u and be with us…

  57. Hillary Muiruri Reply

    Quite a magnificent moment of welcome from the heavenly party. Her smile is an enough attestation of the hospitality. R.i.p Sister Cecilia in the abode of the holy Trinity. We all entrust for your intercession for all our endeavors her on earth. Till we meet again, pray for us.

  58. john Reply

    Rest in peace sister.

  59. michael Reply

    RIP Sr and pray for me for a happy death.

  60. Pankanto Reply

    Wisdom 3:1 But the souls of the just are in the hand of God and no torment of death will touch them.
    R.I.P Sister CECILIA, pray for the conversion of humanity. Santo subito!

  61. Nwanosike Vincent Reply

    Sr. Cecilia Maria continue to rest in the Lord. Pray for me and my Family that God may put good and great smiles on our faces. That God may grant us happy deaths at the appointed times. Amen. Looking forward to your canonisation.

  62. Karla Guye Reply

    OMG, she saw Jesus. Pray for me Sister Cecilia Maria. You are in heaven now, look down upon us an ask God to have mercy. Pray for us.

  63. Patti Rusczyk Reply

    Looking at the brilliance of Sister Cecilia Maria’s smile in death, I can’t even imagine the vision she beheld. “Well done good and faithful servant.” Sister Cecilia Maria, as you gaze on the Holy Faces of Jesus and the Blessed Mother, the angels and all the saints please pray for us.

  64. Patty Havens Reply

    thank u for l et read this I am happy that sisterCecilia Maria now that you are in heaven please pray for us and the world and tell Jesus and Mary and the rest I said hello and I do pray even when I for get to for all amen

  65. Wilfred Bankole Ademokun Reply



    Father God! Grant her Eternal rest in peace in Your light in The presence of The Blessed Virgin Mary and all The Martyrs and Saints. Amen.

  67. Igbeneghu Victor Precious Reply

    Eternal Rest grant her Oh! Lord and let your light shine upon her. Rest In Peace Sister. You indeed is a living legacy

  68. connie Reply

    Sister Cecilia RIP with God and pray for us that we can also smile to face all our trials and burden in our life like you.

  69. Kelvin Reply

    Rest in peace dear sister cecilia…please intercede for me…that i may make heaven and smile with Jesus and mother mary…

  70. Ifeanyi luke Reply

    Enter your comment here…Remember me when you meet Jesus please my darling sister

  71. Jennifer Reply

    I’m sure she is living happily with our maker, Sister.pls keep praying for us the children of God so that we can also be with God at the end of our journey

  72. stanley Reply

    Rest in peace sister Cecilia,pray for us whom you left behind in this earth journey

  73. Janefrances Azegba. Reply

    Rest in the bosom of the Lord dear Sr. I to meet you in heaven after my stay here on earth.

  74. Mrs Ono-Sylvia Adebayo Reply

    I thank God for your life and pray you have a sweet rest in the Lord. Sister Cecilia the world n indeed my country (Nigeria)need a smile. Send it down for us.

  75. Let It Be Reply

    How Glorious! So Peaceful & Happy! What a gift. Please pray for the US sister.

  76. andy Reply

    May You Rest In Peace Sister Cecilia Maria. Please pray for us that we may Love

    GOD, and be with Him in Heaven someday.

  77. Jude Mary Reply

    eternal rest grant unto sister Cecilia o’lord…..and let perpetual light shine on you….

  78. Emilius maiong Reply

    Rest in peace sister

  79. Peter Okonkwo Reply

    oh precious in the eyes of the Lord is the death of his faithful……..her smiling face is a great testimony of her joyful encounter with her spouse, Jesus, who she had dedicated her life to

  80. Priya Reply

    May Sister Cecilia soul rest in peace…Your Smile on our prayers…

  81. Christian Reply

    No doubt. Sister Maria was already in Heaven when this picture was taken. I pray also for the grace of the beatific vision.

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