Saint Nicholas made a surprising appearance again in Vatican

Wolfgang Georg Kimmig-Liebe is the man who posed as “Saint Nicholas” as he usually did in the past. He appeared yesterday astonishingly at the St. Peter’s Square in the Vatican for what is regarded as a surprise visit.
Wolfgang Georg Kimmig-Liebe was at the Vatican 2007 during the time of Benedict XVI as the Pope. During that visit in 2007 Pope Benedict XVI blessed him.
Wolfgang Georg Kimmig-Liebe’s custume and attire matches and portrays an exact and clear appearnace of “Saint Nicholas”. He travels throughout the world visiting hospitals, schools and markets, where he is received with joy. At the beginning of this year, he even visited a Syrian refugee camp in Turkey. These made him popular.
Most people usually mistake him for a “Catholic Santa Clus”, but he has in an interview with Wolfgang Duschl, head of the bishop’s communications office in Passau, Bavaria disputed that saying “I have nothing to do with that guy,”
“The phrase ‘Ho, Ho, Ho’ is not part of my vocabulary. A bishop and a saint expresses himself more intelligently than that.” He added.
Below is a Christmas message he posted on his Facebook account:
“My mission is simply the best; I meet people who love peace and life. The Christmas Spirit has begun and is already everywhere…I would really be pleased if in this time we would treat each other with respect and that we would experience a beautiful Christmas Octave.”

Raphael Benedict

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  1. Wish st nick would bring my family a Christmas miracle i and my fsmily believe in peace and love for everyone and we want everyone to be happy i teach my grandchilden iam raising about love and peace to be kind and love everyone we dont have money to barly live and i cant give my grandkids a christmas this yr csuse of medical bills thank u i loved the beautiful story and have lots of love in my heart

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