Should the Eucharist Be Chewed or Wait for It to Dissolve?

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May the Holy Eucharist be chewed or is it to be allowed to dissolve in the mouth?


The host may be chewed or simply permitted to dissolve in one’s mouth.  Before the advent of modern hosts, the host would have been more bread like and for centuries Christians would have had to chew the Eucharist.  In the past few centuries the modern host has evolved and Christians who are uneasy with the idea of chewing the Real Presence can opt to simply let the host dissolve in their mouths.
There is no directive from the Church on this matter.  Either way is an acceptable manner of receiving the Eucharist.

By Fr. Charles Grondin


  • Jen says:

    Jesus did say “Take and eat”, rather than “take and let dissolve”. However, I agree with the article that this is all up to personal preference. The important thing is that you allow Jesus into you when you receive.

  • Josh says:

    Unless you eat (“trogos” -gnaw on) the flesh of the Son of man…

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