Some of the worst things you probably do right after waking up.

Many of us have formed a couple of habits which when examined properly are probably the root cause of most of our problems. I believe our morning habits set the tone for almost our entire day so it is very important to watch out for our early morning habits more than anything. Here’s a couple of things to never do right after you wake up in order to stay healthy physically and spiritually:


It has become a habit with most of us to want to catch a couple more hours of sleep in the morning. Hitting the snooze button, whether or not you set it a couple of hours earlier is a bad habit that definitely affect our productivity and health. It is important to respond to the alarm as one would the very voice of God calling us out of bed in the morning. You face the risk of having your sleep cycle restarted so that when you eventually cut it short for the eventual wake you’ll be even more tired, probably depressed and battling with feelings of guilt too.

Sleep earlier at night so you can have at least seven solid hours of sleep time. Also consider using sleeping mask to prevent any light distractions in the middle of the night. Some of us know how it feels to wake up in the middle of the night to some light filtering in through our windows.

Catching up with Social Media, Email or TV

“Remember, you are coming out of a relaxed sleep and when you immediately bombard your brain with too much stimulus, your body can become stressed… ignore your phone until you’re on your way out the door, when you’ve showered, dressed, eaten breakfast and your mind is more alert.”

– Dr. David Friedman Doctor of Naturopathy, Clinical Nutritionist and Chiropractic Neurologist

We all know how tempting it is to check your email, social media notifications and even watch TV immediately after waking up. This isn’t very healthy according to popular findings. These could cause your priorities to be set by others and could even lead to depression. Being too addicted to social media or absorbing too many sad stories in the news could negatively affect our spiritual and physical lives. We should be careful to place everything in their proper places to avoid giving too much power to something very little.

What we should do instead.

When we wake up in the morning i recommend calling the name of Jesus and Mary first as a habit. Not just mentioniung but lovingly acknowedging them by calling their names. This is also a way of blessing our day and our tongues. After we have brushed our teeth and washed our faces we can then kneel for a proper morning prayer.

I recommend washing up before prayer to avoid dozing off again. Remember to pick a position that won’t encourage sleep.

When you have done these you can then go on to plan your day accordingly. It has been recommended too that you consider reducing the amount of coffee intake in the morning to avoid crashing in the afternoon. Open your blinds or curtains immediately after waking up, eat a protein-rich breakfast, do not burden your brain with too many decisions, take things slowly and one-by-one.

Always remember tht getting your mornings right could boast your life in ways you cannot imagine.

I wish you health !

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