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South African cardinal: ‘don’t try to pigeonhole the synod fathers’

A South African cardinal who will serve as one of the four presidents-delegate of the upcoming Synod of Bishops on the family warned against “pigeonholing” the synod fathers.
The presidents-delegate take turns presiding over the synod deliberations in place of the Holy Father.
Cardinal Wilfrid Napier, writing in the Catholic Herald, said that
I am never at ease where people are busy fitting everyone into one or other pigeonhole, camp or category in order to predetermine what they are going to say even before the debate starts. The more controversial the question, the more rigidly they want to confine you to your box.
In my experience, no human being can possibly be fitted fully into the “conservative” or “liberal” box. Therefore, it is not only unfair but also untruthful to label people in this way. It is equally unfair to the discussion process itself, because the full truth is never allowed to surface.
“I am going to try to be as practical as possible in addressing the problems identified at last October’s synod,” he added. “I will do this because I want to ensure that the family – in particular, the Catholic family – will play its full role in building up good and solid Catholic marriages. From these marriages will come equally good and solid Catholic families, especially in Africa.”

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