Should I pray to learn the name of my guardian angel?

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I have read that it is good to pray to learn your guardian angel’s name. Is this true?


The practice of naming guardian angels is discouraged by the Church: “Popular devotion to the holy angels, which is legitimate and good, can, however, also give rise to possible deviations . . . [such as the] practice of assigning names to the holy angels [which] should be discouraged, except in the cases of Gabriel, Raphael, and Michael whose names are contained in Holy Scripture” (Directory on Popular Piety and the Liturgy 217).

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  1. I named my guardian-angel years ago, because of a very beautiful incident which happened to me…..If this incident had never happened..I probably would never have pick a name for this angel… I named mine ‘Angelus’ which is latin for angel….

    • We give names to our kids, pets or anything that are subject to us. Do you still remember the prayer to our guardian angel? …be thou always at my side to light and guard, to “RULE” and guide… Angels rule over us so we cannot give them pet names!

    • Since both of you have the same name of your guardian angels, that those names are not the names of your guardian angels. Every person has a unique guardian angel assigned to us.

      Another reason why we dont get a name of that guardian angel is because it might not even be the name of your guardian angel that we perceive. It could be just our imagination, or worst it could be the enemy’s name.

      Our guardian angels name is not revealed to us by the Church, so why can’t we be satisfied with that. There’s always this temptation of wanting to get the name of our guardian angel. It should be enough to know that there someone who God appointed to guide and guard us.

  2. What if you prayed and your guardian angel gave you their name? In other words you yourself did not name your guardian angel but your guardian angel revealed it to you…. Is that not okay by the Catholic Church?

  3. I too prayed to my guardian angel and my guardian angel gave me its name.. It was so powerful an experience and I had no doubt that the name revealed to me was my angels name!

  4. Well the devil is doing a fine job drawing us closer to our guardian angels if that’s the case. I would be more doubtful if knowing my guardian angel’s name was making me fall into sin and away from Heaven. Private revelations do occur for reasons only God knows and I understand that the Catholic Church can not prove all of them to be true so it is discouraged. Discerning whether or not they are divine is something we should all be careful of. I always figured that if they made me feel fear, or unsettled the likelihood that they are from the devil or my own mind would very likely…. If they make me feel loved, happy and encouraged- most likely from a heavenly source.

  5. I have a story getting sick during 2/1 year i do my pray every afternoon to my belloved jesus crish and my angel miquel and bardias

  6. I just asked one day and my guardian angel revealed its name. I don’t pray to it. I do however, occasionally ask my guardian angel to intercede and help another’s guardian angel, when that person may be in some sort of danger. And although I know its name, I seldom address it by name. It seems to know when I am seeking it. I do not refer to it as having a gender (he/she, him/her) because I don’t know that it has one. That’s a human condition — I’m not sure that it is an angelic characteristic. All I know is that I’m thrilled to have mine watching over me.

  7. I often feel our family has a guardian angel. Things move in a heavenly direction. My angel often gives me what I wish for. Not serious things. Fun things. Like eating with a unique group or traveling to an unlikely spot. I thank you for all large and small gifts.

  8. I have worst nightmare , a old man ,wearing white touch my face.., the man seems like a ghost. His hands was so cold , I’ m so scared . I try to shout and move , even I was sleep , deep down , I know it wasn’t true . I must awake but I can’t then I call Jesus in my mind, I said , “help me Lord “, in an instance I awaken. Many times even in real bad situation I’m in , I always ask The Lord Jesus and The Father for help and guidance , And I made it.., I even asked to myself I’m not really good , l always committed sins yet They always heard my prayer.., so maybe guardian angel exist but it’s better to ask help and guidance to The most HOLY ONE, The Father ,The Son And The Spirit. Amen

  9. I have NEVER heard of the church discouraging the naming of ones guardian angel ! My mother, 83 year old very devote Catholic , incouraged us to name our angels & to convers with them firmilerly everyday! I named mine Angelo (angel) and thank him everyday for all of his help! What could be the harm in that? Wishing to understand !

  10. I love my guardian angel and know I am being protected and watched over. I have asked and prayed for my guardian angel,s name to be revealed to me many times but so far no revelations. If you have a great and trusted friend you want to know his/her name, but I have come to the conclusion that knowing my angel’s name is a privilege given to some, and I am not one of those unfortunately….I am sure God knows why I should not have this knowledge, maybe I will become proud. I still love my guardian angel.

  11. Our Lady told a holy soul that one öf the favours God will grant to His children in these end times is to reveal to them the name öf their Guardian angels!!

  12. Our Lady has revealed to several souls that one öf the favours God will grant His children in these end times is to reveal to them the names öf their Guardian angels.When you summon them by name its most intimate and potent.

  13. Angels are messengers sent by Our Father. The do not need names. Beloved angel is sufficient. Listen to them, follow Their guidance Relax and Love.

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