What is the Angelus?

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What is the Angelus?


It’s a three-part prayer said thrice daily, usually at six in the morning, noon, and six in the evening. The name of the prayer is taken from its opening line in Latin, “Angelus Domini nuntiavit Mariae” (“The angel of the Lord declared unto Mary”).
The prayer itself consists of three Hail Marys, versicles, and a collect focusing on the mysteries of the Incarnation and the Annunciation.


  • The Lord Jesus Christ has been warning the whole world since 2004 to STOP VENERATING MARY BECAUSE MARY IS THE DEVIL! So, STOP venerating the devil IN THE NAME OF GOD! THAT IS BLASPHEMY. IT IS ALSO SATANISM. Mrs Margaret Kiyaga.

  • Martin says:

    Margret cop on Mary is the mother of God is honoured by Catholics.she intercedes with her son Jesus for our intentions.Jesus honours his mother and loves her dearly.At the foot of the cross Jesus gave us Mary as our mother to.God bless Mary our heavenly mother

  • Pili Sison says:

    Margaret , Peace be with you! May I ask did the Lord Jesus Christ appear to you and told you that His Mother Mary was/is a devil? May God have mercy on you.

  • michelle says:

    You better go back to your source for it is them that are satanic to say such a thing about the mother of Jesus.

  • Sid Zaidan says:

    Margaret Kiyaga.
    Our Lord’s mother is the Devil??
    Do u honor your mother? Or do you completely disregard the Ten Commandeds and thus make Jesus out to be contradicting himself?
    Right from the inception of Christianity the Church has always acknowleded that within the Gospel of Luke as is quoted by Our Lords Mother
    “All Generations Shall Call Me Blessed”
    What Generation did you fall from?
    We can conversate for hours on end but unless you are open minded to hear the truth, digest it, so you can understand it, you will continue to be decieved by the master of deception.
    God forbid the Mother of Our Lord should be the one who deceives her Son’s Children

  • Anayo Njoku says:

    A better answer to this question should have included the whole words of the Angelus. Please expand this answer.

  • Mary Lou Earnshaw says:

    No offense Mary Kiyaga, but you must be mentally ill to say such blasphemous things about Mother Mary. Where did you get your information from about this crazy stuff in 2004? I’m thinking that you don’t have an answer to this question that people have asked you multiple times or you would have already responded.

  • Joseph Monday says:

    Margaret Kiyaga, I urge you to always make spiritual research other than physical…… Fools runs where angels fears to track trek

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