St. Faustina’s vision of the Baby Jesus snuggling in her arms

Jesus wanted to teach Faustina spiritual childhood by letting her hold him close to her heart.

St. Faustina is well-known for her vision of Jesus as he appears in the “Divine Mercy” image, which features the Risen Jesus with arms outstretched and rays of blood and water pouring forth from his side.

However, she also had multiple visions of the Child Jesus and had a strong devotion to Jesus in his infant stage. These visions were meant to teach her the virtue of spiritual childhood, helping keep her heart pure and simple in the sight of God.

On one occasion she records in her Diary how she saw the Child Jesus and he asked her to scoop him up and hold him tight.

… I saw the Infant Jesus near my kneeler. He appeared to be about one year old, and He asked me to take Him in my arms. When I did take Him in my arms, He cuddled up close to my bosom and said, “It is good for Me to be close to your heart. … Because I want to teach you spiritual childhood. I want you to be very little, because when you are little, I carry you close to My Heart, just as you are holding Me close to your heart right now.”

Can you imagine this scene in your own life?

Pause for a few moments and close your eyes, seeing the Baby Jesus by your side, holding his arms out toward you in a way that asks you to pick him up. Now cradle Jesus close to your heart and let him rest there for a while.

This spiritual exercise is a perfect way to enter into Christmas as well as beginning to learn the ways of spiritual childhood.

Jesus said to his disciples, “Amen, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 18:3).

What Jesus is saying is that we need to become “little” and innocent, like a child. Furthermore, children naturally trust their parents and so too do we need to trust God in a similar manner.

The Baby Jesus has surprisingly much to teach us about true discipleship. Snuggle him close to your heart this Christmas so that he will in turn, hold you close to his heart.

Raphael Benedict

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