St. Padre Pio helps dying newborn miraculously recover after 25 DAYS on life support

Three-month-old Caitlin Dooley suffered from a life-threatening heart condition since the day she was born. Just when the Dooley family began to lose hope, St. Padre Pio stepped in.
According to the Irish Mirror, at just 11-days-old, Caitlin began to struggle with eating and was taken to Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital. During her stay at the hospital, her oxygen levels dipped dramatically.
Oxygen levels in the average infant should be around 95 percent. Caitlin’s dropped all the way down to 37 percent.
“Doctors took her and literally went running down the corridor into an elevator with her, to take her to ICU which was on the floor below. It was extremely distressing,” explained Caitlin’s father, Kieran Dooley to the Irish Mirror.
The doctors diagnosed Caitlin with Dilated Cardiomyopathy, “a condition where the heart’s ability to pump blood is decreased because the heart’s main pumping chamber is enlarged and weakened,” according to Medicine Net.
At the Ronald McDonald house, Caitlin’s health continued to deteriorate, and she was placed on life support. It was clear the infant needed a heart transplant, but her doctors became more concerned with the rest of her organs also beginning to fail.
Fearing for his daughter’s life, Kieran placed a relic of Padre Pio on Caitlin’s bed.
“Something amazing happened. Her heart function increased to around 70 percent on June 27. She was taken off her ventilator, and all talk of a transplant was banished,” stated Kieran, noting Caitlin was on life support for 25 days. “The nearest thing we got to an explanation of the improvement was, ‘Something clicked within Caitlin, and she just took off.'”
According to Caitlin’s cardiologist, her heart function is now “technically normal.”
Although Caitlin’s Padre Pio Miracle has not been verified by Vatican officials, it is clear something amazing happened within her and for that we thank God.
By Abigail James

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