Statue of Jesus opens and closes eyes on camera!

A statue of Jesus on the cross has opened its eyes in a video taken inside a chapel in Mexico.
Strange footage has appeared online that shows a statue of Jesus opening and closing its eyes. The video was captured inside the chapel of Saltillo in Coahuila de Zaragoza, Mexico.
The camera looks first upon the statue with its eyes closed. Then, it appears to open its eyes to stare directly into the camera. After a few seconds, the eyes close again.
The footage was allegedly recorded in June, during a service.
There is now a debate over its authenticity. Is it a computer-generated hoax? Or perhaps a reflection of light caused by someone opening and closing a door? Or could it be a miracle, a sign of some significance?
Weeks of study have revealed no evidence the film has been altered in any way.
The Catholic diocese has not viewed the video or opened an investigation. They have expressed no desire to do so either.
For now, it’s up to each viewer to decide for themselves.
By Marshall Connolly (CALIFORNIA NETWORK)

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