Statue of Virgin Mary weeping blood – is this another WARNING?

Catholic parishioners at a remote Bolivian church report a statue of the Virgin Mary is weeping blood. If true, this is yet another message from Our Lady that conversions of heart are needed more than ever. 14715427491961_700 A statue of Mary is weeping blood. The statue was photographed at a small church in the village of Puerto Rico in Bolivia. The village is located in the Manuripi-Heath Amazonian Wildlife National Reserve in Bolivia. Parishioners first noticed the statue was crying red tears, possibly of blood. A local priest has now reported that the statue is also bleeding from its hands. A sample of the blood has been taken to a regional hospital for analysis. The parishioners believe the sight to be a miracle. If true, it will join a spate of Marian apparitions and miracles which include the image of Mary and weeping statues around the world. Every time Our Lady has made an appearance she has made one request, for the conversion of hearts. It should be obvious to all, even without a miracle, that we need prayer and renewed dedication to the Sacred and Immaculate Heart of Mary, more than ever. If some visionaries are to be believed, Our Lady has brought us warnings. We must repent and pray for the conversion of hearts now! Most importantly, we must do all we can to ensure our own hearts are ready for we know not the hour when the Master will return. By Marshall Connolly (CALIFORNIA NETWORK)

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  1. Jesus told Thomas (John 20:29) that those who did not see (physical proof) but believed anyway were truly blessed…
    Does it really seem likely that Jesus would send such signs through His earthly mother?
    How does the Church explain that?
    Has the Majesterium addressed that issue?
    I do hope that you render me the courtesy of a reply – this is a sincere question.

    • There are always parts of the bible people dissect and other parts they ignore. Jesus has been leaving warning signals throughout our modern times constantly with the increase of natural disasters and ongoing wars. These are the things that were prophesied to let us know when Jesus is coming back. If he sends us warnings it’s to let us know he will be back soon and to repent so that satan doesn’t get more souls. I remember I had a dream of the virgin Mary telling me about the second coming. I find nothing to be a coincidence. Very soon thereafter I reverted back to my Catholic faith and repented my sinful life and my life has been fulfilled even through my struggles. I have a closer relationship to God now through Jesus Christ. There is a reason for everything.

      • Clara-O, It’s clearly that our Blessed Mother Mary wanted to lead you back to Her Church the One and only Catholic and Apostolic Church. The Catholic Church was formed from our Mother Mary Prayer in Her Earthly lives. St Peter was our 1st Pope. Our Center and the CORE of our lives is OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST. HE’S present in every Tabernacles of Catholic Churches. If only your eyes can know it…. You’ll run back to us right away. Return to your first loves…
        Why did you stray away from your Holy Mother Church? Return back because She loves you so much that She’s in your dream.

    • There is no logical inconsistency. The scripture you quote doesn’t say anything other than those who believe without physical proof were truly blessed. God the Father has all of creation to use as his messenger. He prefers to use people, but scripture says if we remain silent even the stones will cry out (Luke 19:40). So I think that answers your question. If God is willing to use stone, this stature is made of stone, and is apparently literally crying.

      • “IF we remain silent…”
        The point in Luke was that the people did not keep silent – and one cannot extrapolate that verse to mean “if WE keep silent” – Jesus was referring the the people present praising Him, not US of the post-resurrection era.
        True, nature and the heavens do declare the glory of the LORD (Psalm 19), and a donkey can be made to speak (Numbers 22:30)
        However, one must concede that wafers and statues “bleeding” is scripturally unusual. I note you refer to it as “apparently literally” crying. If you have doubts, then why? What such apparent miracles do is to lead many folk into even deeper Mary- devotion (worship?) And even more praying to and through her, instead of Hebrews 4:16. Interesting that it is Mary who always seems to be the one crying – is that somehow representing Jesus weeping over Jerusalem or His church (Matthew 23:37)?
        Furthermore, scripture does not state/suggest that Jesus intended sending messages and warning to us through His earthly mother.

    • We need to get ready. The volcanoes seem to erupt all around the world. The sign that the Hell is enlarges herself to accommodate Her newcomers. Something is coming up… Just take heed and pray for mercy and the Conversion of Heart… Have mercy on us Lord Jesus Christ.

  2. If one were to imagine what Satan would actually do to distract people from God, and from the gospel of Jesus Christ, one would realize that appearing as a dragon in flames would probably serve only to scare people back to God. This wouldn’t do for Satan, so what he probably does is masquerade as an “angel of light” (2 Cor 11:14) to deceive people into thinking that apparitions are really somehow God, when in fact they are Satan himself. Thus it is with these “Mary” apparitions, which defy the Word of God and distract people to their eternal damnation.

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