Statue of Virgin Mary weeping blood – is this another WARNING?

By August 19, 2016 18 Comments

Catholic parishioners at a remote Bolivian church report a statue of the Virgin Mary is weeping blood. If true, this is yet another message from Our Lady that conversions of heart are needed more than ever.
A statue of Mary is weeping blood. The statue was photographed at a small church in the village of Puerto Rico in Bolivia. The village is located in the Manuripi-Heath Amazonian Wildlife National Reserve in Bolivia.
Parishioners first noticed the statue was crying red tears, possibly of blood. A local priest has now reported that the statue is also bleeding from its hands.
A sample of the blood has been taken to a regional hospital for analysis.
The parishioners believe the sight to be a miracle. If true, it will join a spate of Marian apparitions and miracles which include the image of Mary and weeping statues around the world.
Every time Our Lady has made an appearance she has made one request, for the conversion of hearts.
It should be obvious to all, even without a miracle, that we need prayer and renewed dedication to the Sacred and Immaculate Heart of Mary, more than ever. If some visionaries are to be believed, Our Lady has brought us warnings. We must repent and pray for the conversion of hearts now! Most importantly, we must do all we can to ensure our own hearts are ready for we know not the hour when the Master will return.
By Marshall Connolly (CALIFORNIA NETWORK)