Statue of Mary cries tears of BLOOD. THIS is what we think her WARNING is

Catholics in Guadalajara say a statue of the Virgin Mary is weeping blood. The small statue appears to have her cheeks caked in a dark red substance that looks like drying blood. Those who have seen it say it is a miracle.

Telemuno in Jalisco, Mexico has visited a church in Guadalajara that allegedly has a small statue of the Virgin Mary that is crying blood.

One visitor spoke to the reporter and explained that he saw the statue weeping with his own eyes.
The location of the statue is being kept quiet to prevent the church from being overrun with people seeking blessings.

The shocking sight was filmed by a Mexican news crew at an undisclosed church.The shocking sight was filmed by a Mexican news crew at an undisclosed church.

Some of these miraculous claims are hoaxes, but others are truly inexplicable and defy scientific understanding. Many miracles have been associated with such occurrences as if Our Lady is verifying her authenticity.

But what is her message? What does Our Lady mean by appearing in this way? Is the appearance of tears and blood a warning? Neither tears or blood are normally associated with anything positive.
What is her warning?

If we recall Our Lady of Fatima, who issued a powerful warning just a century ago, we must pray for the conversion of hearts. This has been her consistent plea throughout history. Pray for the conversion of hearts!

What is her message? It is always the same. Pray for the conversion of hearts!
What is her message? It is always the same. Pray for the conversion of hearts!

Have you prayed the Rosary today?
It remains impossible to study and verify the weeping statue in Guadalajara because it is being hidden, but we do not need any apparition to know what Our Lady is trying to tell us. She spoke clearly at Fatima.
We must pray for the conversion of hearts!

By Marshall Connolly

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    • Yes, Jesus is returning soon. I’ve been told this in prayer several times. We’ve had several (red) blood moons and the sun darkened in the eclipse, this us quoted in the 6th seal, we are in the 6th seal now, in the book of Revelations. We’ve had many awful hurricanes, earthquakes & volcanic eruptions all over the world & the worst Christian persecution in the Middle Eastern wars. Close to me we just had a category 4 hurricane which was the worst we’ve seen in decades. Repent, repent, repent.

  1. Enter your comment here…May d Lord have merci on man kind. Mother Mary,pls Con’t to pray for us,that we may get closer to God and live a life that is pleasing in his sight.

  2. Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of this faith is to see what you believe. Saint Augustine
    Faith comes from hearing the Word of God. If science can you prove you everything, there won’t be something called supernatural. Supernatural-something that cannot be explained by science.
    With your faith you can even move a mountain, but do not use this faith to test the Lord.
    Try to know God and you will then know everything.
    May God bless you.

  3. Pray the rosary everyday , it really helps , I try to pray it as often as I can during the day , only for it , I probably would not be here now, I feel I am talking to our blesseth mother , and I know she is with me all the time , The rosary is a powerful prayer …. Amen

  4. I believed n love the god Jesus&christianity bt i dnt knw whts christianity i just know that true light never be captured only in one closed room like todays human did…Jesus es amore….gracias senor por la vida Y infinito amore,bendicto por mi familia siempre y cadadia…thanks a lot madre Mary for yr blessings n infinite love 4 this world….❤️

  5. Mr. Patrick people like you seem to forget you are mortal , that means you will die someday and that day you will realize that these things are warnings, that our Blessed Lord through the help of our Blessed Mother is giving the whole humanity a chance to change because if not , and I can say this with certainty that the master that you will see and say “Your Mine” is the devil. That is why satan doesn’t want people to know that he exist or hell exist because in that way people will live as if they will not face consequenses of their actions. People now a days dont think of there own salvation and they think that this is the only life you will have so they do whatever they want, they are like gods of their own self, I want to do what I want , nobody can stop me, and I bet that devil is smiling because his holding you in his hands and it only a matter of time if you don’t change that he/she will own you forever. People.Padre Pio once said to those who does not believe in hell they will surely know it when they are there already. If you die and your soul is in the state of mortal sins you will go directly to hell, if you don’t believe that then , sin to your heart’s content , start young, don’t start when your in your 40’s or 50’s because this is the only life you will enjoy and your next life will be full of misery , if you don’t change. Watch out!, watch out, your being lulled into sleep by the diabolical, if your not going to wake up then your soul will be in grave danger. But you we still have a chance my friend as long as we are still breathing and I’m praying that you will change your mind and think about the SALVATION OF YOUR SOUL, because that is the ONLY reason that we are breathing to work on our Salvation because we are only travelling in this world like ancestors , HEAVEN is truly our HOME.

    • Well said Anne. I feel like people are stuck in a trance and need an awakening. I believe Patrick like others will find their awakening…the first sign is that he is commenting on this site. It means he is actually challenging his conscience and wrestling with the thought that miracles exist. I know miracles exist as I have experienced them every day in my life. We just need to accept them by praying to God in our minds and asking for strength to share them with others and not be afraid. God bless you and all of God’s children in this Lenten season.

      • Holy Mary Mother of God pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. Amen. Dear Mother be with me at the hour of my death and help me die a peaceful death please my dear Mother Mary. Amen. I shall try and say one Hail Mary daily and with your help Mother ,I will succeed in doing so. Amen

    • Everything you say is absolutely true. Thanks for imparting your spiritual knowledge to all humanity who one way or the other are not aware of the consequences of their actions. God bless us all.

  6. Lol so to you this is the greatest miracle, what do you say about gun blet shot at person and couldn’t enter some one body coz is fortified with brother where God and Mother Mary is nothing is impossible .who has Ear let him hear

    • Dear All
      I see many comments .Our Mother weeps looking at our sins and the many who suffer due to others .Faith does create miracles but only to the truly faithful not to those who remember the words of the lord during his misery.knowingly and unknowingly the sisns we do gets punished .I don’t refer to this post but in general.If there is a higher power and I am sure there is will they be happy ?

  7. God keeps calling souls through our blessed Mother, but many remain unconvinced and seek scientific proof of God. Faith is ultimately belief in God and Christ without seeing, for many this is hard and we continue with our normal lives . But people, God has sent you evidence, its all around you. He is the Creator of all things, from the billions of galaxies, plants and stars all kept in perfect motion that baffle our scientists to the super computers in each and everyone of our billions of cells, called DNA, which incidentally is likely to rule out Darwin’s theory of evolution. You see, He is the Creator of all things and all things belong to Him, including you and me. He is a God of peace and love and sends us signs to remind us, whilst allowing us to make our own choices, but ultimately He should be at the centre of all we do and are. Seek and you will find, and I pray 2017 will see more soul converting to him.

  8. Hail mary mother of God iam a sinner, clean me with the blood of your on Jesus christ, Jesus son of God unto thy feet i find rest, oh God my father, your are the giver of life make me whole a gain, protect my family from the evil one, protect my job, be with the ck in the hosiptals,, i ask those believing and believing in Jesus christ i pray and believe…. Amen

    • All Catholics please.go to there are messages from God Our heavenly Father, Jesus, Blessed Virgin Mary, and saints and angels go to latest messages, there are about warning to humanity please pray the rosary as much as possible we dont have much time God Bless. Please.share to all your friends and family urgent

  9. I am Perfect Abdullahi by name. A Catholic and a legionary. I know what the tears mean. I recently had revelations of our lady. She has gifted me with her sorrow. I can tell you some things you may never have known. I need the right source to pass her messages.

  10. I pray the Rosary everyday. I walk around my neighborhood and pray for peace. I have made many friends while doing this and other people are praying their prayers. Some are Baptist and other Christian Faiths.

  11. Help me oh sweet virgin,help me oh blessed mother,intersead for my soul oh Mary mother of God, open my heart to pray and love the rosary more and lead me to the one true way of the cross…Amen….

  12. Yes we must pray, before our lord comes he is sending us a warning of mercy, the illumination of conscience, a mini judgement that no man woman or child 7 and older can hide from, or whatever your belief is.

  13. I believe that prayers bring miracles I write to God and now say the rosary every night I know god has my back I just hope one day my best friend my ex comes back to me I will never give up it’s been 23 years and I still love him

  14. PRAY earnestly every single day and forgive from your heart. Forgive those who hurt you or others. PRAY for them daily. Receive Jesus with greet reverence and pray for those who do not do so. Don’t judge, just pray. PRAY the ROSARY everyday. Do your best every single day. Believe more. PRAY for those who give more importance to the things of this world than the things of God. Bless and so not curse even those who treat you badly or talk bad about you. PRAY for them . Fling yourself into Our Blessed Mother’s Arms, that she may cover you with her mantle and present you to her Son. Love with a big heart. Repent! Repent! Repent! Love Jesus in everyone.
    JESUS, I Trust In You

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