Struggling oneself to maturity

Maturity can mean different things to different people. However, real maturity is synonymous with being reasonable. A person who is either piqued or angered at everyone’s mistakes is immature. A person who is governed by greed, lust or other vices and wilfully indulges in them is immature. A person who trusts only in his own counsel and is “wise in his own eyes and clever in his own sight” (Isaiah 5:21) is immature. Marriage is an institution of mature people. Therefore before I can rightly assume I am fit for it, I must have begun the struggle with immaturity; conquering and daily engaging in new battles. Man is a potential being; always in the making. Completion shall be found only in Christ glorified. Marital state demands a “state of consciousness” which the parties must not pay deaf ears to. For instance, a married woman cannot put on anything she pleases even if her tastes are in accord with them, she must always endeavour to reflect discipline and maturity by being decent. The prospective husband/wife must engage in study, prayer and discipline in order to gain mastery over himself.

I must always be conscious of the fact that:

  • Nothing evil/sinful gives lasting happiness; Goodness alone endures.
  • I am not better than my neighbours just because I think so; we are all equal in God’s sight.
  • I am prone to mistakes and must always accept rebukes or corrections no matter who gives them, how or where they are given.
  • I am always a learner, no matter my academic level, I continue to learn.
  • I must be open to truth and accept it when it is recognized as such.
  • I must be sensitive to the needs of others and struggle to shun all selfishness.
  • I must be considerate and avoid judging others.

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