Struggling with purity? Try the cord of St. Joseph!

The cord is a constant reminder of the purity of St. Joseph and has helped individuals overcome their sexual addictions.


When trying to overcome sexual addictions, such as pornography, one needs to rely on many tools supplied by both science and faith. One such tool can be wearing the Cord of St. Joseph, a devotional practice of the Catholic Church that has its roots in the 17th century.

According to the early 20th-century book Go to Joseph, Our Unfailing Protector, this practice stems from an Augustinian nun in 1657.


In the year 1657 there lived in Antwerp an Augustinian … named Elizabeth [who was suffering a debilitating illness] … She had a cord blessed in [St. Joseph’s] honor, which she wore about her, asking the Saint to come to her assistance. Some days later while absorbed in profound prayer, she felt herself suddenly and completely restored to health … the doctor who attended her … was forced to admit her care to be miraculous.


This story of St. Joseph’s intercession through the wearing of this cord soon spread and others began to use it for spiritual ailments.


At the same time several pious priests conceived the idea that the cincture might serve not only as a means for obtaining bodily favors, but that it might also be a symbol and a remembrance of the excellence of the virtue of chastity practiced by the holy Patriarch. This pious object would stimulate the faithful to ask of God through the mediation of St Joseph, a complete victory over the flesh.


The devotion spread throughout Europe and eventually a blessing over the cord was written and special cords were sold along with it.

Currently the Cord of St. Joseph is still being sold on various websites, but because of its popularity in recent months, has sold out in nearly every place that offers it.

However, the idea can be easily reproduced, as all it requires is a simple white cord worn around the waist.


The Cincture of St Joseph should be made of cotton, wool or linen and should be worn under the clothing. It is both a symbol and a prayer, a symbol of interior devotion to the glorious Patriarch, a prayer to obtain through his powerful intercession the virtue of holy purity. 


If you are struggling with purity, go to Joseph!


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