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London ‘actors’ church’ unveils new high altar

Corpus Christi is being renovated to reflect its role as a centre of Eucharistic devotion The church of Corpus Christi in Covent Garden, London, has unveiled a new high altar as part of a major restoration project. When the church was opened in 1874, Cardinal Henry Manning, the Archbishop of Westminster, said it would be “specifically

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Cardinal apologises for Church role in ‘forced’ adoptions

Cardinal Nichols apologised for the hurt caused to young mothers pressured into giving up their babies Cardinal Vincent Nichols has apologised for “hurt” caused to young mothers who say they were pressured into giving up their children in the 1950s, 60s and 70s. His comments were made in an ITV documentary, Britain’s Adoption Scandal: Breaking

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Westminster Cathedral chapel commemorates English martyrs

The Chapel of St George and the English Martyrs will host the decorative scheme A new decorative scheme commemorating forty English Catholic martyrs has recently been completed in the Chapel of St George and the English Martyrs in Westminster Cathedral. The chapel will be dedicated by Cardinal Vincent Nichols on 28 October. The chapel contains

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Cardinal Nichols urges British faithful to pray for South Sudan

Cardinal Vincent Nichols and Bishop William Kenney have released a statement regarding recent violence in Juba, South Sudan. In the statement, the two bishops refer to the surge in violence as a “tragedy” and request that “violence should cease and that people whatever their differences should build a nation of peace”. The bishops go on to convey their

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Cardinal Nichols discourages priests from celebrating Mass ad orientem

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Cardinal Vincent Nichols has written to priests in Westminster diocese discouraging them from celebrating Mass facing east. He issued the message to clergy days after the Vatican’s liturgy chief Cardinal Robert Sarah invited priests to celebrate Mass ad orientem from Advent onwards. Cardinal Sarah was speaking at a liturgical conference in London. Following Cardinal Robert

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