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Pope points to Mary Magdalene as an apostle of hope

By calling Mary Magdalene by name after his resurrection, Jesus shows us just how personal his relationship with mankind is, Pope Francis said Wednesday, adding that after this intimate encounter, Mary then becomes an apostle of hope for the world, announcing the Lord’s rising. “Mary: the revolution of her life, the revolution destined to transform

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This is the one thing Pope Francis says you can brag about

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As children we are taught that bragging is bad, especially when we do it to people who have less than us, however, for Pope Francis, there is one thing we should never hesitate to flaunt to whoever we meet: our hope in Christ. Speaking of bragging, the Pope said Feb. 15 that contrary to the

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Pope meets Arnold Schwarzenegger at general audience

The Pope also told the faithful that women were more courageous than men Actor and former California Governor and Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger met Pope Francis today at the end of the audience. After the meeting, Schwareneggar took to Twitter to say that it was an honour to meet the Pontiff. It was my great

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Even complaining to God is a form of prayer, Pope says

Pontiff welcomes circus performers to last general audience of 2016 To complain to God in moments of doubt and fear like Abraham is not something bad, but rather is a form of prayer that requires the courage to hope beyond all hope, Pope Francis has said. While in life there may be times of frustration

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