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Widow of Palm Sunday martyr says she forgives ISIS attacker

In an interview on Egyptian television, she said: ‘I’m not angry at the one who did this, I am telling him, may God forgive you’ The widow of a man killed during the twin bomb blasts on Palm Sunday in Egypt has said she forgives the terrorist responsible. In an interview broadcast on Egyptian television

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ISIS claim deadly attack on police checkpoint at Sinai monastery

One policeman was killed in the shooting near the Egyptian monastery ISIS has claimed responsibility for an attack on an Egyptian police checkpoint near the famed Saint Catherine’s Monastery in Sinai late on Tuesday which authorities said killed one policeman and wounded four. The militants opened fire from an elevated hilltop overlooking the police checkpoint just

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Cause of Fr Jacques Hamel is officially opened

The Archbishop of Rouen announced the news at a Chrism Mass The Diocese of Rouen has opened the canonisation Cause of Fr Jacques Hamel, who was murdered while celebrating Mass last year. Archbishop Dominique Lebrun of Rouen announced the news at a Chrism Mass, where all the diocesan priests were gathered, according to La Croix.

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The Cross ISIS tried but couldn’t destroy

A crucifix which survived the destruction wreaked by ISIS is becoming a symbol of the Iraqi Church’s rebirth Returning to England after a few days in Iraq, it is the sound of broken glass and rubble, crunching underfoot in one of the many destroyed churches, that lingers in my mind. Just a few weeks ago,

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Death toll rises following Egypt church bombings on Palm Sunday

ISIS claims responsibility for the latest attacks on the country’s Christian minority that have left at least 43 people dead and more than 100 injured Bombs exploded at two Coptic churches in different cities in northern Egypt as worshippers were celebrating Palm Sunday, killing at least 43 people and wounding about 100 in an assault

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ISIS captive among new refugees welcomed by Pope Francis

The Vatican has taken in three new Syrian families, some members of which were ISIS prisoners before gaining freedom and fleeing the country. According to an April 3 Vatican communique, the families – two of whom are Christian – took the place of the families welcomed by the Vatican last year, who with the help

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ISIS deploys child soldiers to keep Christians from returning to Mosul

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Now that Mosul, Iraq is mostly cleared of ISIS’ presence, many Christians are attempting to return to their homes. The terror group has taught newer generations that Christians are infidels who should be killed. A vicar in Iraq told the Express that ISIS forces are so desperate from defeat after defeat, that children as young

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ISIS uses Holy Virgin statue as target practice

A group of journalists and members from Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) went to the Nineveh Plains for the first time since ISIS blew through. What they found was heartbreaking. ISIS has been slaughtering people across the globe and desecrating holy grounds. Their hatred knows no bounds and even after they vacate an

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