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Watch: Our Lady appears to thousands in Knock, Ireland

A miracle has been reported in Ireland, and it has been witnessed and filmed by thousands of people. According to a 14-year-old boy who visited Fatima, the Virgin Mary told him she would appear at 3 PM in Knock, Ireland. Something miraculous has happened. The footage is emotional and difficult to believe, but it is

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A reminder that prayer works miracles

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‘The Harbour Within’ tells us that Jesus takes care of everything I have a longstanding dispute with an agnostic friend. He raises the Inquisition, the Crusades and how cruel the Church was to the inoffensive Cathars; I then patiently explain the actual historical facts. Reading The Harbour Within by Sister Consilio makes me think I

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The Reason Why this 14-foot statue of Our Lady is underwater?

A video of a statue of Our Lady, protecting a coral reef in the Philippines has gone viral. Perhaps the most curious thing about the statue is that it is situated underwater. Off the coast of the Bohol province in the Philippines, is a 14-foot statue of the Virgin Mary, situated underwater. To visit the

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Like the Fatima visionaries, we should meditate on hell

What are we to make of the vision of hell which was seen by the Fatima children on July 13, 1917? The vision was revealed in Sister Lucia’s Third Memoir – which was written in the summer of 1941 – when she stated that she was going to reveal the first two parts of the

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Pope Francis offers prayers for those killed in Italy train crash

Pope Francis has sent his condolences to the families of the victims of Tuesday’s train crash in Italy. Twenty-three people have been confirmed to have died and dozens more hurt after the head-on collision involving two passenger trains between the coastal towns of Bari and Barletta, in southern Italy. The trains were on a single-track

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