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In Ukraine, Cardinal Sandri says there’s hope for the future

Shortly after Pope Francis donated money to help those suffering from Ukraine’s ongoing conflict, Cardinal Leonardo Sandri arrived in the country, saying that while pained, he sees hope for the future. In comments to local Catholic media after landing in Ukraine July 11, Cardinal Sandri recalled that when he made his first trip to the

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Despite Melinda Gates’ wishes, the Pope can’t change Church teaching

Pope Francis cannot change Church teaching on contraception, despite the hopes of Melinda Gates. In a recent BBC interview, Gates has said she is “optimistic” that the Catholic Church will change church teaching on contraception in order to help women in developing countries. “We work very extensively with the Catholic Church and I’ve had many

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The art Pope Francis loves

What is Pope Francis’ idea of art? A new documentary titled ‘Pope Francis – My idea of art,’ delves into the Roman Pontiff’s artistic side and explore what art personally means to the Pope through a series of his favorite works. “The art of mercy is truly Pope Francis’ idea of art,” stated Barbara Jatta,

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