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Christ statue vandalized – Restoration leaves Jesus looking demonic

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A statue of the Blessed Virgin holding the Christ child outside a church in Sadbury, Canada was vandalized last year. The restoration went horribly wrong, leaving Christ looking more demonic than Holy. Christ’s head was broken from the statue and Mary’s cheek sustained cracks and a large piece of stone was chipped off. Artist Heather

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Haiti’s miracle – Statue of the Blessed Virgin sole survivor after Hurricane Matthew destroys church

After Hurricane Matthew decimated a church, one photographer captured a statue of the Virgin still standing against a wall that partially survived the destruction. Cholera outbreaks, dwindling supplies of clean water and food, frightened and wounded survivors, and the seemingly never-ending task of digging graves in Haiti has notleft them without hope. Hurricane Matthew destroyed

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Breathtaking Mother Teresa’s Status unveiled as a gift in New York

Hundreds gathered outside St. Athanasius Catholic Church in the Bensonhurst section of Brooklyn, New York, to see the unveiling of a very special gift. The President of the Republic of Albania, Bujar Nishani, unveiled a beautiful statue of Mother Teresa, who is officially recognized as St. Teresa of Calcutta by the Catholic Church, holding a

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