The Blessed Sacrament and the Statue of Virgin Mary stood untouched amidst rubble caused by the Earthquake in Ecuador

The Statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary housed at the the Leonie Aviat school in the Tarqui administrative district in Manta Canton, Ecuador was found intact in her glass casing in the midst of a 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck around the statue reducing every other building and structure around into rubble.

A nun whose a member of the Oblates of Saint Francis de Sales community in Guayaquil told CNA in a report that the school run by her congregation, and that the Virgin Mary is the patroness of the Oblates. She that the rest of the “sisters cannot get over their amazement,” .

Damages_from_the_Earthquake_in_Ecuador_on_April_16_2016__Courtesy_of_the_Oblates_of_St_Francis_de_Sales_CNA_4_22_16 (1)

Sister María del Carmen Gómez of the community in Manta, told CNA saying:

“Not only did the Virgin remain intact in its grotto, but also my Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament,” Sister Gómez said.

“The Blessed Sacrament was in a small chapel at the entrance to the school and was buried. We found it intact together with some liturgical objects used for the Eucharistic celebration and another smaller statue of Our Lady of Light.” she added

The devastating Earthquake happened on 16th April which was declared as the worst ever in Ecuador; leaving over 600 people dead and thousands injured.




  1. Tom Rafferty Reply

    Amazing. The Christian god cares more about inanimate objects than suffering and dead people. If if this god was real, I certainly wouldn’t worship such a monster.

    1. Alone Reply

      Tom Rafferty you are amazing in your overall evaluation of reality! You care more about this temporary life then eternal life! God cares and loves each human (no matter how vile one is) more than you can begin to imagine!
      God does everything so that we can be saved from our helpless condition! I can understand if you don’t believe this, but your lack of belief doesn’t make it made up!
      May God bless you! ! !

  2. Dee Reply

    Saints are not Gods. They are not worshipped. We pray not to them but thru their intercession. The greatness of God is the miracle that it is still standing when everything else was ruined. Do you truly believe that a Christian or anyone for that matter, would value an objects above human life? Does the article state anything of that nature? I pray one day hate amongst humans dies.

  3. Raphael Porras Reply

    @tom without suffering there would be no compassion. If we all live in a disaster-free world then whats the purpose of Faith and suffering? We wouldn’t care if there is a God or not.

    These are miracles to enlighten us that this is JUST a physical world, and in the end it is not our goal ir destination rather to be with Him in heaven. Saving the inanimate object doesnt mean he cares for that object rather he cares to the people, this miracle is to give HOPE to the people that He is there with them and that makes the people who have forgotten Him and go back to the faith.

    1. Tom Rafferty Reply

      You all have swallowed the dogma well. Please answer the following questions, at least to yourselves:

      Alone, how do you know there IS an eternal life? How do you know there is a God who ” cares and loves each human (no matter how vile one is) more than you can begin to imagine!”? How do you know that “God does everything so that we can be saved from our helpless condition!”?

      Dee, you said, “Do you truly believe that a Christian or anyone for that matter, would value an objects above human life?” This “miracle” is nothing of the sort. It was a random action of nature. The fact that you and other deluded people are even talking about this situation instead of accepting that nature is random and many people have suffered and died is sickening. In other words, you are accepting your god as good when he allowed this tragedy without any evidence that your god is real.

      Raphael, wow. You said, “without suffering there would be no compassion. If we all live in a disaster-free world then whats the purpose of Faith and suffering? We wouldn’t care if there is a God or not.” How do you know all of that? If a person did what your god supposedly does, you would be clamoring the authorities to arrest him.

      I’ll leave all of you with one of my blog posts as food for thought. Your Catholic dogma begins with Genesis and “Original Sin.”

  4. Patrick Gannon Reply

    I completely agree with Tom Rafferty. We’ve got hundreds dead and thousands injured, and Bible God saved a an inanimate statue. What a swell guy.

  5. Tammy Reply

    Why even reply if you do not believe, Mr. Gannon and Mr. Rafferty? We Catholics have our faith, and to many of us, that is enough. That is your right not to believe, and I respect that so please reciprocate. We agree to disagree. So what? What if we are wrong? Then in the end, when we die, it will be over. But what if you are wrong? Eternity is a long time….Regardless, I will pray for you both, and please respect my right to do so. Good luck and well wishes to you both in this funny trip called life. Thank-you.

    1. Tom Rafferty Reply

      Tammy, why do I reply to posts such as this? Because I care for the truth and see the harm in all religion, even the so-called moderate kind. You probably cannot see what is wrong with moderate religion. It simply is that it gives the aura of acceptance of belief without evidence (faith) as being good. It clearly is not such. Please also understand that I was a devout Catholic myself most of my life and it is amazing what one sees when out of the bubble of dogma. I urge you, and others reading this, to challenge yourselves. Read my blog, especially the information regarding religion and its harm. Also, look deep within yourself regarding every dogma of religion and ask, “How do I know that is true?” You will find no good reason to accept the claims of any religion. Peace.

    2. Patrick Gannon Reply

      The problem is that your faith robs you of knowing who you really are. We identify ourselves in large part as what we believe. Faith means pretending to know things you don’t know or understand. This essentially means you are lying to yourself, and probably creating cognitive conflict in your brain.
      You ask what happens if we are wrong, but the same question applies to you. What if Allah is the real god, or Krishna? What if the JWs are right, or the Jews? What if it’s the East Orthodox Catholics who hold the lock on salvation? What if the Seven Day Adventists are the only ones with the real truth and all others will be doomed to Hell? You don’t know any better than any atheist, whether you have been lucky enough to have been born in the right country with the right parents with the right religion – maybe you’re the one going to Hell. How can you know? Since you can’t know – do some research on Hell to learn how that concept was invented thanks to translating four words (Sheol, Gehenna, Hades, Tartarus) to the pagan word “Hell,” and at least that way you won’t have to worry so much that you might have chosen the wrong religion, or far more likely, had the ‘right’ religion chosen for you by accident of birth.
      I think a good god, if such exists, will place more emphasis on how one used his or her gifts of logic, reason, critical thinking and who sought evidence and discarded those things that had no evidence or for which the evidence did not support them (like 6 day creations, global floods, mass Exoduses, and genocidal conquests of Canaan). The NT has a wonderful story about using talents, and you should read what happened to the guy who didn’t use his. Maybe if there is a god, He/She/It punishes those who don’t use their talents. How can you know?
      Why do I reply? Because I was once a frightened, miserable, Catholic, and I discovered a life without fear and it’s so, so much better, and if I could do anything to prevent the psychological child abuse that is rendered upon children through indoctrination, then I would be remiss not to attempt to do so. There’s nothing in the bible that says agnostics and atheists can’t be evangelicals too!

  6. Oliver Bakadjaken Reply

    Mr Raferty

    We as catholics do believe in eternal life.
    The happening of supernatural events such as the ones heralded in this article, hint To us that the hundreds of victims are not in no man’s land, but in the hands of God.

    1. Tom Rafferty Reply

      Why do you believe in eternal life? Why is this random, trivial finding among the horrors of nature a “hint” that the victims are not in no man’s land but in the hands of God? You are living in a bubble of indoctrination. I know, I did myself for most of my life before I saw reality for what it is.

  7. Lisa Lindsey Reply

    In such a devastating earthquake, the real “miracle” would be no loss of human life and only a statue ruined. I realize we don’t live in a disaster-free world, but I cringe at these kinds of stories. Not only for the obvious reasons, but because they never report how many churches WERE destroyed, along with all their tabernacles. Don’t get me wrong, if I was one of those sisters I’d be grateful too, as much as if my own home was spared in a disaster. But we need to keep these things in proper perspective, out of respect for all the mourners.

  8. Shelly Schmidt Reply

    Scientifically, we have Eucharistic, the body of Christ, miracles where a host turns into blood, and when examined, IS blood with the tissue typing as heart tissue. The sky opened up and the ground rumbled when Jesus died….I guess those events do not convince you, but they do me. You have no scientific PROOF that God does NOT exist. I read and read about my religion, and love it more and more every day. I red that we Catholics and the Orthodox are not the only ones that believe in the true presence…so do SATAN worshipers….. They KNOW, like we do, that Jesus is truly present in the Eucharist. I will pray for you and for your soul tonight before I go to bed.

  9. Marc Bride Reply

    Tom and Patrick, I bless God today for yor life because inspite yor abnegation, you stil quest for the Truth and I pray it ain’t too late when you find what you seek and God forever be merciful. I sense fear in you and that is why in the lost world you created for yourself you dont want to be alone so you strive as much as possible to pull as many people in with you so you would feel the comfort of “i am not alone”. If LIFE was all a certainty then the word FAITH wont exist. God’s ways aint man’s ways. So weither you believe in the TRUTH of God’s existence or not, it wont change it from being what it is. May God forever Bless and watch over you as he has been doing from yor very first formation as a sperm till now.

    Lastly, Science is nothing but the study of God’s creation. I wish u ponder and write an article on that for man has STUDIED and CREATED but has neva given LIFE to a lifeless object coz only God gives life.

    1. Patrick Gannon Reply

      No fear here, Marc Bride, although you are trying to peddle it by suggesting that you “pray it ain’t too late,” a clear threat of Hell and eternal punishment (which is not supported by the bible when you put the words Sheol, Gehenna, Hades and Tartarus back into their original meaning, rather than the pagan word “Hell” into which they were translated).
      If you really believe that an all-powerful being tortures mere humans who live but a handful of decades, for all eternity, then you worship a god who is decidedly evil. Did you know that the Church says in the catechism that the default destination for the completely innocent and helpless aborted, miscarried and stillborn who commit the heinous crime of dying prior to being baptized, also go to Hell? (That’s why the Church sees abortion as bad – Yahweh sends a helpless, innocent soul to Hell). I can think of no greater concept of evil than the invention of the Christian Hell. It would be better to roast in moral superiority than to worship a god so evil and insecure and unjust that he felt the need to punish mere mortals – especially when he knew in advance who would be going there. I cannot fully respect someone who would worship such an evil being, though I can have sympathy for the fear they were indoctrinated with by disordered, celibate virgins dressed in robes and insisting we call them “father” despite their decision to remove themselves from the human gene pool.
      The reason for participating here is not to alleviate my own fears, but to alleviate those who were indoctrinated with the same psychological abuse that I was, as a Catholic child. Tell me something – why do Christians always start with the threat and fear of Hell when confronting atheists and agnostics? No Christian EVER tries to convince me that I would be missing a good thing by not going to heaven. Always, it is the threat of Hellfire and eternal torture. I think it’s because Christians recognize that heaven is not all that attractive; it’s main attraction being that it isn’t Hell! (It would be Hell for me, to be in heaven and to know there were people being tortured for all eternity and being unable to do anything about it. That would drive me utterly insane).
      I agree that if life was certain, there would be no need for faith, but faith is just pretending to know things you don’t know, i.e. lying to yourself. If there is a god, I suspect that she would not reward those who put their grand gift of intellect on hold in order to lie to themselves. As to when mankind uncovers the mystery of how life started – that’s just a matter of time. Patience grasshopper. Patience. Your “god of the gaps” argument has fewer and fewer gaps with every new discovery in science. I’m confident we’ll figure it out – and then what will you say?

  10. Rohit Reply

    At least 676 people were killed and 16,600 people injured and one chance occurrence of a statue makes news. Disgusting.

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