The Christian life is most practical and radical

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The Christian life is most practical and radical.
We can tell who our master is by the way we live our lives, and we can know for certain that ehre are no middle grounds “Whosoever that is not with me, is AGAINST me” says the Lord.
If our lives do not belong to God, they oppose God, there are no middle grounds.
It is our decision to let our words offend or glorify God, our actions reflect Christ or the world, to let the image of God in us shine forth or damage. All these are in our own hands; in this capacity we are custodians of our own salvation. Since Christ as already reached out to us, and always does reach out, it is now in our hands to take his hands and be saved, or to look back and become fixated on the world.
Business, work and all other temporal engagement cannot equal our heavenly business. We cannot possibly be wise in risking the loss of our heavenly place because of what we engage in here on earth.
Let us focus on heaven, while we still keep an eye on our eathly business as much as is healthy. We can make money, keep friends, have fun without losing our souls, we just have to cleanse all our engagements of all sin, this is what the Lord requires from us.
May the Lord help us out of sin, and bring us to the path that leads to his Sacred Heart of peace and Mercy.

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