The devil admits to a priest he is terrified of Mary and the Rosary, here is why he is scared of her

The following are snippets from private dialogues between the Late Fr. Gabriele Amorth, a well known exorcist in Rome and Satan. Yes, Satan interacted severally with Fr Amorth since the latter was an exorcist and had many encounters with several demons. This priest had heard and seen it all, lots of very profane and terrible things coming from the devil. Here are some of their dialogues:

The Lies:

Fabio Marchese Ragona, who is the curator of the Stanze Vaticane blog, wrote:

“During an exorcism, Fr. Amorth had asked the devil when he would leave the possessed girl’s body. The devil replied that he would remain until December 8. This turned out not to be true, and when Fr. Gabriele reproached him for the lie, the devil said in reply, ‘Haven’t they ever told you I’m a liar?” (Faro di Roma, September 2016).

Fr. Gabriele told Luce di Maria website (May, 2015) that:

“exorcists interrogate the devil and get answers out of him.” But since the devil is a liar, what’s the point asking him stuff, wouldn’t he be lying?

“It’s true that we sift through the devil’s answers afterwards; perhaps the Lord forces the devil to tell the truth to demonstrate that Satan has been defeated by Christ, and is also forced to obey Christ’s followers when they act in His name.”

Forced to Speak

Fr Amorth said, the devil:

“expressly declares that he is being forced to speak, which is something he will do everything to avoid. But, for example, when he is forced to reveal his name, it is a great humiliation for him—a sign of defeat. But woe to the exorcist who gets lost in questions of curiosity (which the Rite expressly forbids) or if he lets himself be guided by the devil in a conversation! Precisely because he is a master of lies, Satan is humiliated when God forces him to tell the truth.”

The Madonna (Virgin Mary)


In his book The Last Exorcist—composed of texts from various blogs, including Gloria TV and Testimonianze di fede—Fr. Amorth reports an entire dialogue he had, in his role as exorcist, with the devil.

Father Amorth:

“What are the virtues of the Madonna that make you angriest?”


“She makes me angry because she is the humblest of all creatures, and because I am the proudest; because she is the purest of all creatures, and I am not; because, of all creatures, she is the most obedient to God, and I am a rebel!”

Father Amorth:

“Tell me the fourth characteristic of the Madonna that makes you so afraid of her that you are more afraid when I say the Madonna’s name than when I say the name of Jesus Christ!”


I am more afraid when you say the Madonna’s name, because I am more humiliated by being beaten by a simple creature, than by Him…”

Father Amorth:

“Tell me the fourth characteristic of the Madonna that makes you most angry!”


“Because she always defeats me, because she was never compromised by any taint of sin!”


Fr Amorth recalls:

“During an exorcism, Satan told me, through the possessed person, ‘Every Hail Mary of the Rosary is a blow to the head for me; if Christians knew the power of the Rosary, it would be the end of me!’”

His first encounter with the Evil One:

Fr Amorth remembers his first encounter with the devil, which happened during an exorcism:

“Suddenly, I had the clear sensation of a demonic presence before me. I felt this demon that was looking at me intently. Scrutinizing me. Moving around me. The air became cold. It was terribly cold. Father Candido had also warned me ahead of time about these sudden changes in temperature, but it’s one thing to hear certain things talked about, and another to experience them yourself. I tried to concentrate. I closed my eyes and continued my prayer by rote. ‘Leave, therefore, you rebel. Leave, seducer, full of every kind of fraud and falsehood, enemy of virtue, persecutor of the innocent. Cede your place to Christ, in whom there is nothing of your works’ (…)”

Another Exorcist’s experience:

Fr Babolin:

“In my experience – so far I have performed 2,300 rites of exorcism – I can say that the invocation of the Most Holy Virgin Mary often provokes significant reactions in the person being exorcized,”

“as proof of this hatred” of the devil toward the Mother of God, “while I was insistently invoking the Most Holy Virgin Mary, the devil answered me: ‘I can’t stand That One (Virgin Mary) any more and neither can I stand you any more.'”

“the Second Vatican Council declares that Mary, daughter of Adam, in accepting the divine message, became the Mother of Jesus, and embracing with her whole heart and without the hindrance of any sin the saving will of God, consecrated herself totally, as the servant of the Lord, to the person and work of her Son.”

In this ritual, he said, the exorcist says to the devil:

“Most cunning serpent, you shall no more dare to deceive the human race, persecute the Church, torment God’s elect and sift them as wheat (…) The sacred Sign of the Cross commands you, as does also the power of the mysteries of the Christian Faith (…) The glorious Mother of God, the Virgin Mary, commands you; she who by her humility and from the first moment of her Immaculate Conception crushed your proud head.”

Fr Sante Babolin, is an Italian priest and exorcist and also taught at the Gregorian University in Rome.


Pray the Rosary daily, surround your home with sacramentals and Holy Water. Invoke the names of Christ and Mary. Teach your children and also have yourself a strong devotion to Mary. She is a Mother, and her office is to bring sinners to her Son. They have been exceptional who devote themselves to Mary; people who follow Mary come to Christ faster.

Raphael Benedict

Raphael Benedict is a Catholic who wants nothing but to spread the catholic faith to reach the ends of the world. Make this possible by always sharing any article or prayers posted on your social media platforms. Remain blessed

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    1. The prayer of a righteous man availeth much. Book of James. Jesus is the mediator between God and man because He is both God and man but that doesn’t mean that others cannot intercede for us, as all intercession must be rooted in the mediatorship of Jesus Christ .
      Also, if you turn to revelation and read the whole thing about the woman clothed with the sun. That is Mary. And don’t try to fudge saying its Israel because nations do not give birth, women do. And don’t say it’s the Church because the Church doesn’t give birth to Jesus but was founded by Him. The entire passage relates how Mary was untouched by sin and no matter how much he tried, through God’s own providence, he could never lay a hand on her, so failing to infect her with sin he goes after all of us. In light of this passage, hostility toward the mother of God it’s warning that one is not born of God.

    2. It doesn’t. Keep following scripture and all the sacraments and you will be fine.
      I personally, by saying the rosary, and at the same time contemplating Christs journey through His life, have been rewarded numerous and supernatural graces in turn leading me to love and care for others over myself.
      God Bless

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