Does Jesus suffer each time we sin?

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I remember nuns saying that every time someone sins, he puts another nail into Christ. Is it because Jesus suffers every time we sin?


The Catechism of the Catholic Church contains these words:


Since our sins made the Lord Christ suffer the torment of the cross, those who plunge themselves into disorders and crimes crucify the Son of God anew in their hearts (for he is in them) and hold him up to contempt. And it can be seen that our crime in this case is greater in us than in the Jews. As for them, according to the witness of the apostle, “None of the rulers of this age understood this; for if they had, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory.” We, however, profess to know him. And when we deny him by our deeds, we in some way seem to lay violent hands on him. Nor did demons crucify him; it is you who have crucified him and crucify him still, when you delight in your vices and sins. (CCC 598, quoting St. Francis of Assisi,Admonitio 5.3)




  1. Robert henry Reply

    No Jesus does not suffer any more, Jesus has over came death.

    1. keith Reply

      Our Sufferings are God’s Gift to Us:

      “Unto you it is given in the behalf of Christ, not only to believe on Him, but also to suffer for His sake” (Philippians 1:29).

      Our Sufferings are Our Appointment:

      “No man should be moved by these afflictions: for yourselves know that we are appointed thereto” (I Thessalonians 3:3).

      Our Sufferings are A Spiritual Fruit:

      “The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, long-suffering…” (Galatians 5:22).

      Spiritual fruit does not include “deliverance”; quite the contrary, it produces God’s attribute of endurance or long-suffering in the life of the believer.

      Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr.
      Author of Suffering: God’s Forgotten Gift

      Suffering: God’s Forgotten Gift

      by – Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr.

      Two gifts given to the believer are mentioned by Paul in Philippians 1:29. The first is “to believe on Him.” This is a glorious gift. Every believer has been given this gift from God. Those who possess it may not even fully recognize it as a gift from Him, but indeed faith is God’s wonderful gift to us. Faith is a rich gift from God, but there is also another gift from God to the believer, mentioned by Paul in Philippians 1:29, that is equally as glorious.

      The second gift is “also to suffer for His sake.” This, too, is a glorious gift. Every believer has been given this gift from God as well, but those who possess it often do not fully recognize it for what it is. Indeed, suffering for His sake similarly is God’s wonderful gift to us. Paul teaches us to embrace this second gift as well as we do the first!

  2. aabroadnz Reply

    Sorry, Robert, but your major premise, that Jesus overcame death, doesn’t necessarily lead to your conclusion; certainly not with a lot of other relevant minor premises. Be that as it may, as per the catechism, it seems quite logical that Jesus would suffer – just as any earthly parent is hurt when their children choose evil.

  3. Paul Welsh Reply

    I think Jesus is up in Heaven and he judges the living too. I don’t think he is being physically crucified each time we sin, he is disturbed by our sinning, and metaphorically this can symbolise him being crucified.

  4. catstclair12000 Reply

    This is where all that Catholic guilt comes from. If we spend all our time lamenting our failures to love, we will have no time to love. St. Francis of Assisi was born in 1181 and died in 1226. He was a great saint and the child of his times which put a strong premium on suffering. His extreme penances damaged his health. Our faith today is more positive.

    1. George Kelly Reply

      No we do not put in another nail. Christ died once and for all at Calvary. It is finished or in other words it is accomplished. Claim His forgiveness and go and sin no more. And He will forgive 70 x 70 times. However that does not give you permission to go on sinning. Just to confirm He is a forgiving Father who loves His children.

  5. Kristopher Reply

    At the time of our Lord’s crucifixion, He paid for all our sins from the garden of eden, to the end of the world. So the sins we do now and in the future He’s already suffered for. That does not let us off the hook, and free reign to sin… we must choose to not sin and each time we can resist is one less sin He had to pay for on the cross.

  6. umagigi Reply

    Found a testimony related to the subject online. Its really strong

    I was a 22 year old Christian male living in the Middle East. My life up to that point was spent without knowing Jesus or his love. I practised sexual immorality from an early age and it needless to say destroyed my life. I hated prayer and would pray with my mother just to get it over with. I had no friends I always sat alone at the backbench at school.
    Loneliness and staying home and never going outside started to change my mind. An idle mind is the devil’s workshop. I flunked 2 years in school and when I finally completed +2, I was embarrassed to study with others 2 years my Junior.
    More over never socialising with people made me afraid of talking to people so I decided not to join college but to do my degree in an Open University. My father said he wouldn’t pay for my tuition so I took the only job that I got which was rigging cranes and lifting equipments, cleaning and oiling wire ropes, chain slings and manually lifting heavy materials. I suffered a lot in the dust and humid weather of the Arabian desert and it didn’t help that where I worked was an open area. I could never master my work and was teased by my fellow workers for my foolishness.
    I disrespected my parents and used foul language at them. I never talked to my sister and her family. I hated everyone and myself and wanted to end my useless life. My relatives who were all very well educated with good jobs never gave me any attention. I fell into a deep depression and started taking Psychiatric drugs. I found some solace but was still feeling empty inside.
    I decided to pray because I needed some inner peace and had tried everything else. I searched prayers online and found a prayer that claimed to change lives. It was a Novena to the Infant Jesus of Prague. When I closed my eyes and prayed I had a vision that God the father was holding me, a baby in a white towel, he was crying, he kissed me and he was sending me to my Mother’s womb. I then saw the sins that I had done and God my Father was crying in heaven and Jesus was crying.Everytime I sinned Jesus was whipped and when nails were struck in his hand he said ” Its okay, I forgive you.I love you and will never hate you nor forsake you. You will always be my beloved son”.I opened my eyes and broke down with tears. I asked forgiveness to God and to Jesus for the sins that I committed. Suddenly I felt all my stress all my pain all going away, I was Now at peace. I no longer had hatred towards anyone. I could feel my heart beating heavily like a healthy new heart.
    We prayed together as a family that day after many years and the changes in our house was visible. Next day I went to work and for the first time in two years was commended for my work. I do believe that I have received the Holy Spirit and the happiness and joy that I feel now cannot be explained in words. My dear brothers and sisters suffering from pain, give yourself to Jesus and watch him transform your life.
    People, dont stop commiting sins because you’re afraid of God’s judgement or hell. Stop sinning because you love Jesus and you love God your father and you dont want to cause them pain. Imagine you are the one who is nailing Jesus to the cross, imagine you are the one who is whipping him at the pillar. You won’t feel to sin again because you can’t harm one whom you love.

    1. Noe Reply

      Amen thank you

      1. Michael D. Chaney Reply

        Wow! That was a GREAT testimony. I teach teenagers in my parish, & I need stories like this to try & touch some of the non-caring ones. I thank you very much & shall use this as a teaching tool (if I can successfully copy & paste).

  7. James Miller Reply

    In 2005 I questioned our Lord Himself what happens when He is received in Holy Communion unworthyly. I received the following: Jesus is being layed on the cross and there is a shadow across His upper torso and face that is emanating from where I am seeing Him. Just as the first nail is hit with the mallet and driven into His palm, Jesus raises His head and looks at me and says “Why are you hurting me?” So, it is my opinion and believe that what is taught by the Church about our sinning is in fact HURTING our Lord every time we sin.

  8. Tom Reply

    If only you would Reed the book of ROMANS in the Bible , you would know that Jesus is alive and well sitting at the right hand of God , never to suffer again for are sins , telling God forgive him or her , all our sins past present & future sins are FORGIVEN. Read Read Read ROMANS.

  9. Stevie Reply

    Romans 6:10: The death he died, he died to sin once for all; but the life he lives, he lives to God.

  10. Maria spano Reply

    I Was Blessed ,on March 11 2011 ,to attend a Healing mass , ( The first time ) ,I was skeptical ,but I went ,I waited to be the last to go up to the Priest , I looked at the Crucified Jesus ,from were I was seating ,!!! I sayd ,Lord I am coming up there ,you know all my heart and soul you know all my illnesses ,I give all to you ,you deside ,what you whant ,with me !!! So I did go in front of the priest ,He touched my forehead ,I fell on the floor ,,I was buried in the ground ,I don’t know for how long ,my old body died ,(like a tulip ) and a knew me come , out ,!! I got healed of my bipolar disorder ,,And on the same year ,on the day of Pentecost ,I Received the Gift of the Holy Spirit ,like Jesus promised an give to the Apostles ,,And I know one think ,He suffer ,when we sin ,I have visions ,of Him Bleading on the Cross ,I gave mi life to him ,And when you Love Him ,YOU NEVER DESIRE TO OFFEND HIM ,HE TEACH YOU TO LOVE AS HE LOVE ,,There is so much more ,but I leave here ,His desire is to His childrens ,Love Him ,and be in Heaven with Him ,Means SALVATION ,We are the most Blessed To KNOW HIM ,And BELONG TO HIS CHURCH ,GOD BLESS YOU ALL ,

  11. Philip A.Casoria Reply

    Jesus suffers all the time whether we sin or not! For many reasons, First, some one is always sinning! second more people know the name of Coca Cola, than the name of Jesus!
    Thirdly and the most important , His greatest suffering was not the Cross! it was the fact that He lived and Died for us, and left knowing that He was completely misunderstood!
    my view as an associate of the sisters of Mercy!
    Philip a. Casoria

  12. Jeff Lavenau Reply

    Ridiculous. “It is finished.” Christ is slain for sinners in the mind of God before the foundation of the world, because the Book of Life of the Lamb Who Was Slain already exists with the names of everyone whose sins are atoned for written inside. (Revelation) Therefore none of our current or future sinning is “new news” to Jesus that he had to wait to atone for until we did it. The whole point of the resurrection is that all the sins of those who are saved had been paid for in full.

  13. jack Reply

    No he does not recognize our sin…it’s called forgiveness

  14. Chris Brown Reply

    I think we tend to over complicate things. At the same time, we tend to drag Jesus down to our level of understanding. If it helps, consider that Jesus is outside of time. Whether you want to use the analogy that Jesus suffers for us now, or whether Jesus suffered for us then, consider that our sins are the reason Jesus came to Earth, lived, suffered and died. You may want to think “That’s all in the past! It’s over! He accomplished it already!” But again, you forget that Jesus being God, is outside time; all is new and all is now to God.
    Even if you say, “it happened in the past”, the fact that He suffered and died for OUR sins, means that yes, our sins cause(d) Jesus pain. Though our minds may not be able to grasp things outside of our understanding of past and present, we should not lean so heavily on our own understanding when it comes to things of God.
    Didn’t Jesus say to St Paul: “Why persecuteth thou me?” Not “It’s all good, Saul, it’s accomplished, all is forgiven!”
    Just some thoughts.

  15. ShilohS Reply

    Every time you take the wafer and wine and say that instead of it being a celebrated and sobering symbol, it’s the ACTUAL flesh and blood of Christ, you do act out crucifying Him all over again, and that is NOT what the Word says! Too much teaching in the Catholic church conflicts with the Word of God! Our ONLY Father! The pope speaks out so much that isn’t Biblical, one has to wonder if he’s ever ready it……or just denies it!

    1. George Kelly Reply

      The only is the church that follows the teaching of scripture. It is not.a denomination but it is the believer whose heart is pure and follows scripture. It is not. a follower of man but of God.

  16. Jim Mathis Reply

    Short answer is “No.” Jesus, when He went to the cross, died for His elect known from the foundation of the world. His atonement covered every sin you committed before developing saving faith in Him and every sin you committed after conversion. You cannot add or subtract from his suffering endured on the cross even a tiny bit by your present behavior.

  17. Jim Mathis Reply

    Loos like my previous post disappeared. Oh well. I won’t go into detail, but the answer is NO. His sacrifice was sufficient for all the sins of the whole world, though it was efficacious only for the elect. The elect are only a remnant saved from out of the mass of humanity which is condemned.

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