The FIVE SECRET reasons why Trump won

Donald Trump won election as the next president of the United States yesterday, and this victory has some people asking why. Despite all of the polls and predictions, Trump outperformed the experts and defied the odds. There are reasons for this that are not being discussed.
Nationalism vs globalism – Donald Trump is a nationalist candidate. Some have compared his rhetoric to fascism because it sounds so extreme and alien. However, Trump is not a fascist, he’s just a nationalist. In an age of ubiquitous globalism, nationalism tends to sound like fascism sometimes.
Donald Trump’s slogan was, “Make America Great Again.” There are several critiques of this slogan, but it worked because of one reason -globalism.
Globalism is an economic philosophy that barriers to the free movement of capital around the world should be brought down. Hillary Clinton’s “open borders” comment comes to mind, this is what she meant by it. Globalism means a nation should be involved in world affairs, sending its military to defend our economic interests irrespective of borders.
Globalism has hurt America. Jobs have been shipped overseas by the factory. Money has been moved and stashed offshore, out of reach of taxation, shifting more of the tax burden on the middle class. Wages have collapsed as workers are forced to compete against workers in other countries. The U.S. finds itself mired in international conflict and politics without having been attacked or provoked.
Most Americans are tired of this philosophy, which Hillary Clinton embodied. The votes cast for Trump were largely cast out of frustration that the world was profiting off American losses while politicians like Obama and Clinton sit idly by.
Hillary Clinton was annoying – This may sound like an extremely superficial reason to vote, but Clinton’s haughty, out-of-touch demeanor was too much. People found her scripted and cold. She was too perfect, too manicured, too prepared. Trump, on the other hand, seemed authentic, even if he was gaffe prone. People can detect fakery from far away, and it’s off putting.
Trump said things that some people were thinking. Many of these comments were bombastic and occasionally outrageous, but they also communicated to a segment of our population, speaking directly to their private beliefs. This was motivation enough to get them off the couch and into the voting booth.

The polls were dead wrong –
Several major polling firms made serious errors in their sampling. It is believed that they oversampled democrats and minorities, and under sampled white males. Clearly nobody expected so many rural citizens to vote.
With the polling ineffective, the Democrat’s strategy was fatally flawed. Money and messages went to the wrong places, mitigating Clinton’s 5-1 spending advantage.

The Great Recession –
By conventional measures, the Great Recession ended several years ago. Wall Street has done great. But the middle class has never quite recovered. Most workers, despite being more productive than ever, have not enjoyed a raise in their purchasing power since 1999.
This has created resentment, particularly of those who continue to prosper. Although Trump is a billionaire, his campaign easily and successfully cast Clinton in the role of the greedy, rich establishment. Trump was able to brand himself as a champion for the ordinary Joe.

Donald Trump is a patriot –
Say what you will about Trump, but there can be no question he is an American patriot. Regardless of how he feels about paying taxes, or Vladimir Putin, it is reasonable to believe Trump loves America. Clinton, on the other hand, loves Hillary Clinton.
At the end of the day, many people may doubt Trump’s proficiency as a politician, but they cannot question his patriotism. And at a time when nationalist sentiment is sweeping the country, patriotism is worth a few million votes.
Donald Trump won because he was able to understand what was really happening in middle America. Either that, or his guess was closer to the mark than Clinton’s. His status as a celebrity, his notoriety and his all American attitude helped.
Some people may not like him, and many may dispute his character. However, he is now our next president. The establishment will do well to pay heed to his ascension and to address the circumstances that put them at odds with Donald Trump and the American voters.

By Marshall Connolly

Raphael Benedict

Raphael Benedict is a Catholic who wants nothing but to spread the catholic faith to reach the ends of the world. Make this possible by always sharing any article or prayers posted on your social media platforms. Remain blessed

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  1. Thousands of people voted for trump. Many are poor, unemployed, forgotten and put their hope in his policies to help secure a better future .
    All races, all genders , all ages – who need jobs and financial security voted for him. That is what motivated them .

  2. Thousands of people voted for trump. Many are poor, unemployed, forgotten and put their hope in his policies to help secure a better future .
    All races, all genders , all ages – who need jobs and financial security voted for him. That is what motivated them .

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