The Four Times St. Pope John Paul II would have been Killed and the Miracles that Saved him

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The Saint Pope John Paul II was a Pope who is regarded as one of the greatest Pontiff that the Catholic Church ever had. He died at an old age of eighty-five years-old (85-years-old) having served as the Pope for twenty-seven years (27 years).
Before his death, the Pontiff had miraculously escaped death in the following events of a direct attempts on his life.

1. Gun-play as a teen

When the Pope was just a teenager around the age of 15-years-old he had a friend who he was so fond of. He would always visit his friend at the parent’s bar.
One day a police officer who usually deposit his Gun for safe-keeping at the bar’s drawers when the alcohol gets to his head, deposited his gun with the bar as usual and went home.
The boy somehow got to the gun where his father kept it, and set-off to the back of the bar to play with his friend Karol Wojtyła (the future Pope John Paul II). He playfully pointed the gun at Karol Wojtyła when the gun went off and fire a bullet at Karol Wojtyła. Miraculously the young Pope was not hit. Despite the gun was fired at nearly point-blank range, God still saved the then Future Pontiff.

2. Hit and Ran Over by a N*** Truck

In 1944, Wojtyła was walking home from a quarry site where he worked when a N*** truck knocked him down and ran him over. A woman (an eye-witness) screamed and ran towards him to rescue him, with the help of a German officer. At first they thought he was dead but later realized he was just unconscious.
Wojtyła was rushed to the Hospital. When he woke up in the hospital he was all wrapped up with bandages, he sustained cuts in some parts of his body and major shoulder injuries that would give him a permanent stoop.
His survival of that accident was one of the confirmations for Wojtyła’s priestly Vocation according to his biographer George Weigel (Witness to Hope, 71).

3. Shot Again, But this time by an Assassin

Many people knew of this particular assassination attempt far more than the rest of the three attempts on St. Pope John Paul II’s life.
The Assassination attempt happened on May 13th, 1980, the feast of Our Lady of Fatima. The Pontiff was in a Popemobile waving and greeting pilgrims at the St. Peter’s Square when an assassin (Mehmet Ali Ağca) emerged from within the crowd and fired his gun four times at St. Pope John Paul II. The Pontiff was hit by the four bullets given that Ağca fired at a very close point-blank range. Ağca was immediately caught and wrapped up
St. Pope John Paul II survived the attack as he was rushed to the hospital for emergency treatment. When Pontiff got better he visited Ağca in Jail and personally forgave him.

4. Stabbed by a Priest

On May 12th, 1981, St. Pope John Paul II was stabbed by a Spanish Priest, Fr. Juan María Fernández Krohn on the eve of his assassination attempt by Ağca. At this time St. Pope John Paul II was still barely recovering from Mehmet Ali Ağca assassination attempt from the previous year.
Fr. Juan María Fernández Krohn was concerned with post-Vatican II reforms in the Church at that time. He was convinced that communists had infiltrated the Church and that John Paul II was himself a communist agent bent on destroying the Church. So he took matters into his own hands and plotted to assassinate the Pope.
Fr. Juan María Fernández Krohn at a Mass in Fatima, Portugal broke through the security, just before the Mass and successfully stabbed St. Pope Francis with a bayonet knife. Fr, Krohn was arrested. The Pontiff insisted he must say the Mass. His wounds were quickly treated, though in pains he still held the mass, and requested the incident be kept as a secret, and so it was until 2008 when his Secretary told the story in a documentary.