The Gospel and the Rosary: Keep them both close, urges pope

Francis says that if we carry the Bible with us, we can read a little every day.

Pope Francis on Sunday urged the faithful to stay close to two elements for growing in knowledge and love of the Lord: the Gospel and the Rosary.In greetings to language groups after praying the midday Regina Caeli, the Holy Father reiterated two messages he’s given on other occasions.

First, speaking to the Polish-language faithful, he mentioned their celebration of a national day for Scripture. In that context, he continued:
“I have told you many times, and I would like to say it once again, how important it is to get into the habit of reading the Gospel, a few minutes, every day,” he said. “Let us carry it in our pockets, in our bags. May it always be close to us, also physically, so that we read a little every day.”

Then, the pope noted that Mary’s month is just a few days away. He mentioned a short note he had published for the faithful just the day before.

In this note, “I invited all the faithful to pray the Holy Rosary this month, with your families or alone, and to pray one of the two prayers that I have made available to everyone. May our Mother help us to face with greater faith and hope the time of difficulty we are going through.”

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