The Holy Father assents Fr. Pulickal's appointment as Auxiliary Bishop of Kanjirapally

By January 13, 2016 No Comments

Unlike in the Latin-rite Church where the Pope have to directly appoint a  bishop, the synods of eastern-rite Catholic churches have the autonomy of appointing their own bishops, to which the Pope gives his assent. So to that effect the synods of eastern-rite Catholic churches appointed Fr. Jose Pulickal as Auxiliary Bishop of Kanjirapally, a diocese in southern India’s Kerala state ( which is under the synods of eastern-rite Catholic churches). The Holy Father on Tuesday acknowledged the appointment.
Born March 3, 1964, Fr.  Pulickal studied at the Minor seminary of Mary Matha.  After his priestly studies at St. Thomas Apostolic Seminary, Vadavathoor, he was ordained priest on Jan. 1, 1991.  After becoming the vicar of Kanjirapally Cathedral and director of ‎Snehashram Jesus Fraternity, he obtained a Master’s degree in biblical theology from St. Peter’s Institute, Bangalore, and a Doctorate from the Dharmaram Institute in the same city. He has held several responsible posts such as director of Catechetics, Vicar of Pathanamthitta Forane, diocesan consultor, protosyncellus or the bishop’s deputy for Ranni and Pathanamthitta, and since 2014 he has been protosyncellus  of the diocesan clergy.