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Militants in Yemen slaughters Mother Teresa nuns

By March 4, 2016 17 Comments

Four nuns of the congregation of Charity Missionary founded by Mother Teresa were shot dead in Yemen by unknown gunmen who attacked the convent and the home for the elderly in the southern city of Aden today Friday 4th March, 2016.
The nuns are among twelve (12) other deaths that were casualties of the attack. It’s said that two of the nuns massacred were Rwandans and the other two were an Indian nun and a Kenyan nun.
The gunmen were not identified as the country have been in a civil war over time now. But all hands points to the Islamist State and al-Qaida supporters who have recently conducted a number of attacks in the south of Yemen.
“Run! Run!!” was what a nun who survived the attack said she heard a Yemeni guard shouting while she hid herself in a refrigerator in the store room.


  • Hope says:

    It seems as if these murderers are possessed and have relinquished all semblances of being human. May God have mercy on their souls. And to the beautiful nuns who have given up their lives and become martyrs against the forces of evil, may God enclose you in His great and tender heart. Amen

  • Tessie colob says:

    It make me sad…. They are ruthless who done that terrible things they don’t care the human life. No wonder why they are ruthless because they just follow their prophet mohammed during his time killing the jews and christian he forced them to convert islam

  • And this had nothing to do with Islam?

  • Peter Cherekpe says:

    Very sad news. God has an answer to their brutality.

  • Cindy Pass says:

    Lord Jesus, have mercy on us…

  • They are absolute animals, only deciples of the devil himself could have done that.

  • Bronson Tan says:

    Oh Lord, have mercy on thier souls, RIP Amen.

  • martin miston says:

    May the soul rest in peace ,God accept in his kingdom. Amen.

  • allen smith says:

    Dear lord.we pray for the souls of the nuns that we killed .we pray that god will except there sacrifice .lord here our prayers.

  • Jaunita Jonker says:

    Fatber forgive them them they do not know what they doing-R.I.P. Dear Nuns

  • Mkristo Dhabiti says:

    They’re the martyr’s of our time, may the Lord rest their souls in Eternal rest

  • Cecilia Ancheta says:

    How sad to know that they kill people working for the glory of God? Those killers, are they still human? In this season of Lebt,may they find remorse in their heart and ask Him for forgiveness.

  • Manoj says:

    Oh Lord We pray for the souls of the sisters, who lived for the helpless. Lord turn the criminals to good faith .

  • Agatha Christie says:

    My Jesus pardon and mercy, through the merits of your Holy Wounds, Amen

  • kamsongb says:

    Is it they thought that we catholics are animal so that they can kill whenever they want… Father have mercy on them(nuns) who lose their life n let their soul be in peace… R.I.P. Amen.

  • Jesus have mercy on those murderers. Those sisters are martyrs and are in heaven.

  • Marie Halligan says:

    May the souls of the Faithful departed rest in peace, and may perpetual light shine upon them. Trough Christ,Our Lord. Amen.
    God bless and keep the nuns, who lived for God and the service of the vulnerable. They are Holy Martyrs who have died for Jesus. May they pray for us and God’s Church. I am moved by the comments on here- your concern and prayers for the nuns and your unshakeable Faith in God and His mercy are uplifting.You must all be genuinely lovely people and I am so glad that we share our Catholic Faith. God bless all here!

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