The Miracle that inspired the popularly known 'Obi-Wan Kenobi' to become Catholic till death


Sir Alec Guinness a Hollywood actor who have featured in several movies including the 20th centuries movies like “Star wars” where he became more popular and known to many as “Obi-Wan Kenobi”. He is known for his matured sense of art and entertaining gestures in his movies, he have won several awards in the movie industry.
Growing up from a broken home after been born in 1914 Guinness has always bumped from one church to another, as well as from one religion to another. He wasn’t static in his quest for God. Though many who knew his background said he could be identified most time as an Anglican when he was much of a young growing man.
The true revelation of what God can be to a man and the gifts of God to mankind fell open to him during a rehearsal of a G. K. Chesterton’s story, where Sir Alec Guinness took the role of a crime-solving Catholic Priest. As Sir Guinness walked down the streets dressed in his Priestly robe a little boy ran towards him from nowhere, disrupting him and held him so warmly with a deep sense of security and joy, “as if he had found all that mattered”
The trust and affection the child had for Catholic priests had a deep impact on him and made him start to seriously consider Catholicism. He later explained:
“Continuing my walk, I reflected that a Church that could inspire such confidence in a child, making priests, even when unknown, so easily approachable, could not be as scheming or as creepy as so often made out. I began to shake off my long-taught, long-absorbed prejudices.”
Sir Guinness said “soon within that same month I had this impacting encounter, my son, Matthew suffered  a contracted polio that was taking him away from me and my wife.” Desperately seeking for God’s grace Sir Guinness takes his son Matthew to a nearby local Catholic church and prayed to God. He said in his fervent prayer before God he made a promise to God: That if God heals Matthew, he would let Matthew become catholic if he wants. And Miraculously Matthew recovered.
Since that day till Sir Alec Guinness died in 2000, he, his wife and his son Matthew remained devoted Catholics.


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