The miraculous story of an atheist doctor who quit performing abortions after a visit from St. Thomas Aquinas

An abortionist abruptly quit performing abortions after he encountered St. Thomas Aquinas in a dream. He has since become an active pro-life voice, working to outweigh the crimes he once committed.
In his dreams, he saw a field full of beautiful children, playing. As he approached them, they would stop and cringe in fear, then run away. Watching him was a man dressed in black, wearing a white habit. At first, the nightmares did not make any sense, but they kept occurring.
This was the nightly vision of Serbian abortionist, Stojan Adasevic, who worked as an abortion doctor in Communist Yugoslavia. He estimates he performed as many as 48,000 abortions during his career, sometimes as many as 35 per day. The communist regime taught him the baby was just a mass of tissue.
Each day, Stojan would perform several abortions, and at night he would walk through the field with children. Every time, the children would run away from him as the mysterious man watched.
Eventually, he managed to approach the mysterious man and asked whom he was.
“My name is Thomas Aquinas.”
Stojan did not recognize the name because he was a lifelong atheist.
The doctor asked, “Who are these children?”
“They are the ones you kill with your abortions,” St. Thomas replied.
Stojan resolved not to perform any more abortions, but he had a special visitor that day –his cousin who brought his four-months pregnant girlfriend for an abortion. Stojan, perhaps doubting his dream, agreed to do one last abortion. But he changed his procedure this time and used a cutting tool to kill and remove the baby.
Among the parts he examined as he removed them, Stojan saw the baby’s little heart still beating. That was when he realized he had just killed a human being and not a mass of simple tissue.
Stojan refused to perform another abortion. This was a major dereliction of duty, and he was immediately punished. His salary was reduced by half, his daughter was fired from her job, and his son was banned from entry to the university.
The punishments were an attempt to force Stojan to agree to perform more abortions. He faced incredible hardship which also hurt his children. But as his doubts grew, he had another dream about St. Thomas, which assured him he had made the right choice.
Stojan had been a member of the Orthodox Christian faith as a child, and he returned to the Church. He has since become acquainted with St. Thomas Aquinas, reading the works of the saint who visited him. It was in Summa Theologica that St. Thomas Aquinas wrote human life begins forty days after fertilization.
Today, we know life begins at conception, but in Aquinas’ time making such determinations was difficult. Stojan thinks St. Thomas’ visit was the saint’s way of correcting that mistake in his work. Today, St. Thomas, in communion with God, would communicate only the truth that life begins at conception.
With communism now long dead, Dr. Stojan Adasevic is now one of Serbia’s most prominent pro-life leaders.
Let us pray for the unborn, and remember that the doctors who perform abortions also require saving. Indeed, the only way we may ever save the unborn from murder is to first convert the hearts of their killers.

By Marshall Connolly

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  1. Really? You accept the dream of someone who, for whatever reason, had this experience? Through such credulous beliefs, it is clear to me how religions begin and advance. I bet you would not take such testimony if it wasn’t religion-based and didn’t support your dogma.

  2. Patrick,why you are so much against the Catholics,if you are suppose to be a so Religious man then you should have nt say these explicitly shows you are against the Religion either Catholics or whatever it is.don’t condem,fear God

  3. Patrick, you completely look over one simple thing: God never sends us to Hell. We send ourselves to Hell. If you refuse to walk with God in your life on Earth, God will honor your wish: He will let you go to Hell, the one place where God is not there to save you. We cause our own suffering by distancing ourselves with God. That means your argument makes no sense. We believe that God is merciful to all. We cannot assume what God does with the souls of the unborn, but we trust God to be just and kind.

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