The Next Step in the Sexual Revolution

Unless you’re a weatherman, it’s hazardous to predict the future. Nobody can say for sure who will win the World Series this year. And who can be sure which team will win the Super Bowl in 2017? You have to be at least a bit courageous to engage in predictions, because you may make a fool of yourself.
Well, understanding that I am at risk of revealing myself to be a fool, I am about to make a prediction regarding the next stage of the sexual revolution, the great moral revolution that began in the United States about 1960.
“But wait,” somebody may say. “Maybe there won’t be any next stage. Perhaps we’ve arrived at the final stage.”
New frontiers of sexual “freedom”
I don’t think so. The ultimate aim of the sexual revolution, I believe, has little to do with sex. The ultimate aim is the destruction of Christianity. Sexual freedom, which is inimical to Christianity, is simply a device for bringing this about. As long as Christians survive in any significant numbers, the sexual revolution will have to grow more and more radical, crazier and crazier.
Looking back over the last fifty or sixty years, we can see that the sexual revolution has fallen into a number of stages and substages. The first major stage had to do with heterosexual sex and its consequences. Its substages were social acceptance of:
1. Fornication
2. Unmarried cohabitation
3. Out-of-wedlock childbirth
4. Abortion
The second major stage has been the gay/lesbian/bisexual/transsexual (GLBT) stage, whose substages have been social acceptance of:
1. Homosexual conduct
2. Same-sex “marriage”
3. The current struggle for social acceptance of transgenderism
How will the struggle of this third substage turn out? If you had asked me a few months ago I would have said, “It will be decades, if ever, before the public endorses such an absurdity.” I would have been mistaken. Because the public seems ready to endorse it. So confident is President Obama of the public’s readiness to accept it that his administration has issued an dictatorial edict that all public schools in the country must give their endorsement to the transgender idea.
Now, Mr. Obama, whatever his imperfections, has an excellent sense of political timing. In 2007, when all the politically smart people said that Hillary Clinton was certain to be the Democratic nominee for president, Obama, sensing that the time was right, threw his hat into the ring. And remember how he chose just the right moment in 2012 to come out in favor of same-sex “marriage”? If Mr. Obama senses that the public is ready to accept the absurdity of transgenderism, he’s probably correct.
The next letter in the alphabet soup
But what comes next? Thus far in the GLBT stage we’ve seen that the “G” and the “L” have won complete victories, and the “T” is on its way to victory. That leaves “B”—bisexualism. That, I predict, is the next battle line.
I expect we’ll soon see a celebration of bisexual relationships. We’ll be told sad stories of women and men who were born with an equal attraction to both sexes who are living in pain because intolerant persons—most of them, needless to say, Christians—will not applaud the bisexual impulses with which nature has endowed them. (If these bisexual persons are “religious,” we’ll be told that God gave them this blessed gift.)
We’ll learn of boys and girls whose narrow-minded parents heartlessly refuse to approve their switch-hitting. We’ll hear of sad tenth-graders whose classmates tease and bully them just because they happen to be having sex with both a boyfriend and a girlfriend. We’ll be told that “bi is beautiful,” and PBS or CNN will do a special in which grownup men and women will explain that they never felt truly alive until they found simultaneous true love with persons of opposite sexes.
Psychologists will go on TV and inform us that some persons are born bisexual. Liberal clerics will tell us that Jesus, properly understood, had no objection to bisexuality; and neither did the apostle Paul. And we, overflowing with compassion, will say to ourselves, “Oh, how terrible we and our ancestors have been to punish these poor people for the crime of being who they truly are. Being anti-bisexual is like being anti–civil rights.”
Once acceptance of bisexuality is won, the step after that will be to suggest that bisexuality is a trait not just of a few people but of most people. If most of us never act on our bisexuality, this is because of prejudice and intimidation and fear. Schoolboys and schoolgirls therefore should be encouraged to experiment sexually with partners of both genders. Only after such experimentation will a young person know what he or she truly is: heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual.
Well, there’s my prediction. No doubt many readers will laugh at me. But not many years ago they would have laughed at somebody who predicted the coming of same-sex “marriage.” I hope I’m mistaken. I hope my prediction makes me look like a fool when all works out. But I doubt it. When it comes to sex, we Americans are quickly descending into stark, raving madness.
By David Carlin

Raphael Benedict

Raphael Benedict is a Catholic who wants nothing but to spread the catholic faith to reach the ends of the world. Make this possible by always sharing any article or prayers posted on your social media platforms. Remain blessed

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  1. True Tom,hard to understand. But the day you in your room, on your knees and started talking to the Creator of the universe and given it all to HIM. The day you accept JESUS as your LORD and Savior, that is when you understand. I could tell you, write to you, but unless you act on it, it will not make any sense.
    Just this, it was the most important decision of my life and a decision I wish I had done heaps earlier.
    I have no profit to tell you a lie, we don’t know each other. But I wished everyone could have what Jesus is offering, peace.

  2. You are both right, Sex always was an issue. But GOD’S intention was and is “LOVE MAKING “.
    In the beginning God made him (Adam ) and her (Eve) and it was good.
    Then the fall of humans through the Devil.
    Then humans get kicked out of Paradise, however if we read the Bible full, it’s stating that Satan was here on earth too.
    And there was war in Heaven, Satan and.
    1/3 off the angels got cast down.
    Then in Revelation, stating that the Angels had Sex with woman and produced gigantic humans (ever wondered about the pyramids and other huge. buildings ? ). God stating that this happened even after the flood. See David and Goliath, Joshua (wenn the soldiers came back scared because they saw giants, stating “we are like grasshoppers to them “.
    There’s also mentioning the name of Enoch, the grandchild of Adam and Eve. And Enoch walked with GOD and he was no more, because GOD took him.
    The book has been left out the Bible, don’t know why.
    But it is stating that the fallen angels children became bored with human and tuned to have Sex with each other and animals, they also introduced human sacrifice and cannibalistic rituals.
    Now if this things are still around us, but look like normal humans, but in very influencing positions, eg. Leadership, media, movies and singers as well other idols in sport etc. What influence will they have today with Internet?
    I leave this thought to you, but suggesting that you read the Bible like a personal message from God and check out Nephilim on Google and youtube, as well the book of Enoch. As it was full preserved together with all the other books , no idea why it has been left out. Because GOD preserved it fora rreason and let us find it again with the dead sea scrolls. Full version translation on line.

    1. Tom, I left you a huge reply, however it got somnot a religious beliefs ow canceled.
      I am non religious, I love Jesus Chris and call myself by HIS NAME a Christian. I don’t believe in humans theory, denominations or their understanding of what they call religion.
      I have a king James, good news, new international, a German and a JewishBible, to cross reference between . One church said you have to observe the Sabbath, the other said, speaking in toung, then another said baptism through full water baptism not sprinkle.
      Some churches have Jesus on the Cross for ever and others just cross.
      Truth is in the Bible, not in the prist, not in the pastor and not in your parents or grandparents. Truth is that Jesus given us tools to study and now with the Internet, we have even more tools. We get judged individual, so we can’t blame anyone.Read the Bible, pray for the Holy Spirit to help you find the truth.
      I went on a journey through hell and found Jesus Christus on the way. But never, ever ask people, as there’s heaps of lies and deceiving going on. Prists and pastor’s are humans and they have doctrines, traditional and very religious beliefs.
      How do I know? I accept that Jesus is my LORD AND SAVIOR. I accept that only HE can forgive my sins. I accept that I have to come before HIM and confess my sins to him in my bedroom, not a church box.
      I accept that Jesus comes inside me and lives inside me. And HE promised to never ever leave me, nor forsake me.
      He also promised to give me rest, peace from above.
      Tom, I don’t deal with religious leaders or churches. I deal with JESUS, THE FATHER AND THE HOLY SPIRIT, THE 3 IN ONE.
      Church is what Jesus calls His Bride, Church is you and I and everyone who believes. Church is not a building. This is only to get us a place to worship and keep us out of the elements.
      That is why I know Jesus is real, He is amazing,not a religious belief, but a believe that I have a GOD WHO CARES enough to reveal Himself to anyone who cares to draw closer. Just ask Tom and HE will answer.
      I don’t have a religious belief, I have JESUS.

  3. Thank you for being brave enough to say it!
    Yes, unfortunately I think your predictions may be right.
    Unfortunately, I also believe the stage is being set for supposed acceptance of ‘pedophilia’ as normal. regularly features articles which are sympathetic to pedophiles “plight”.
    False charity, false love, false mercy is getting us nowhere quick. We need a love with boundaries, a love with teeth, a love that says ‘no’ to unloving, harmful behavior.
    In short, we need to start practicing cruciform love; sacrificial love; cross-based love, which is to say Christlike love.

  4. Sad to say, but you have hit the nail on it’s head. What next?
    Dänemark has a place we’re people can have legally Sex with animals. Germany opened some of them this year. In Britain a woman request to marry her dog. There was a ceremony we’re a woman celebrated unity with a tree.
    Britain and Germany are considered to wipe incest and calling it genetic attractions. Permitted to marry relatives.
    What next? Jesus come soon.

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