Pope Francis calls the telephone of a Notorious Family-Killer

Pietro Maso a notorious killer who is popularly known in Italy for killing his both parents on 17th April 1991. He reportedly killed his Parents with a saucepan over a dispute to attain his own share of the family inheritance. He served over 20 years jail sentence after the shocking act. He was released in 2013.
He admitted to be living his life with pains and regrets for his act. And to that effect wrote the Pope:
Maso told the weekly magazine Chi: “‘I wrote a letter to the Pope in which I asked forgiveness for what I did 25 years ago and that I was praying for peace. After a few days the telephone rang. ‘I was with Stefania, my partner. I pick up and I hear: ‘It’s Francis, Pope Francis”.’
His conversation with the Holy Father are strictly private and the Vatican will not release a record of the phone.
According to Maso, the phone call was actually made in 2013, but has not been reported until now.

Raphael Benedict

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