Pope Francis to visit the Great Mosque in Rome

Pope Francis could be the first Pope to visit the Great Mosque in Rome. The president of the Union of Islamic Communities in Italy (UCOII), Izzedin Elzir, disclosed this on Tuesday.
A meeting is scheduled to take place today at the Vatican with a delegation of the Muslim community in Rome in order to plan the visit, reaffirm and underscore the importance of the dialogue with the Catholic Church that has been taking place for decades, Imam Elzir said.
“Today it is necessary to highlight the importance of this dialogue more than ever before,” Elzir concluded
The visit is scheduled to probably take place on 27th of January.
The is Great Mosque of Rome is allegedly the largest place of Muslim worship in Europe, it was inaugurated in 1995. And Francis will be the first Pope ever to visit it; during the course of the special Holy Year of Mercy.

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